GSoC 2009/Mentors

Mentors are a crucial part for a good Summer of Code organization, without a good number of motivated mentors we are unable to do a good Summer of Code for the Maemo community.


[edit] How to become a mentor

In order to become a mentor, you must have done some contributions for the open source community in general, you can be a Maemo community person, or you can be from other community's that produce software that Maemo use (eg. Gnome, BlueZ, Telepathy, Mozilla, etc.). People that develop project to Maemo (eg. Maemo mapper, Canola, liqbase, etc.) are encouraged to become mentors, proposing also ideas for their project.

To become a mentor you only need to show your interest in participating in GSoC, send a mail to vdv100 at gmail dot com, with your name, nickname (if you have one), your areas of expertise and if you participated in the past in GSoC as a mentor or student send informations about your participation too.

If you have some project ideas just add it to the ideas page.

[edit] Mentor expectations

  • Mentors are expected to spend some time assisting the assigned students, the mentors should respond to the students questions as quickly as possible;
  • Mentors are expected to be patient with their students, keep the students on the project schedule and motivating the student when difficulties arise;
  • Mentors are expected to know, at any time, the current status of the projects of their assigned students.

[edit] Benefits of GSoC for Mentors

  • Chance to help the Maemo Community and the projects around Maemo;
  • Get some student labor in your "pet" projects;
  • Receive some goodies (Book, t-shirt);
  • Receive some money;

[edit] Mentor resources

[edit] Mentors

Note: Before add your name to this list, make sure you read this.

  • Aniello Del Sorbo (anidel) - Xournal/Canola reader(RSS,Mail,...) plugin
  • Csaba Kertész (kecsap) - GTK+/OpenCV
  • Eduardo Lima (etrunko)
  • Eduard Bartosh (ed_) - Mnemosyne for Maemo
  • Florian Boor (florian) - GTK+/GPE/PIM/UI/Phones/Kernel
  • Gary Birkett (lcuk) - liqbase
  • Gustavo Lima Chaves (glima) - EFL/Canola
  • Ilias Biris (ibiris) - C/C++/Calendar
  • Ivan Frade (ifrade) - Tracker
  • Leandro Sales (leandro) - BRisa-UPnP/Location Based Systems/Maemo PC-Connectivity/GStreamer
  • Luis Felipe Moraes (lfelipe) - EFL/Canola
  • Luis Gustavo Lira (lglira)- Python/Bluetooth/USB/Networking
  • Mike Jipping (frethop) - Networking/Mobile phone operating systems/Distributed computing
  • Mohammad Anwari (mdamt) - i18n/New input methods
  • Rafael Antognolli (antognolli) - EFL/Canola
  • Thomas Perl (thp) - Python/GTK+/SDL/UI design/Usability/UX
  • Valério Valério (vdvsx) - Python/EFL/Bluetooth/GTK+/UI
  • Zeeshan Ali (zeenix) - GUPnP/Rygel

[edit] Backup Mentors

[edit] Mentor FAQs

If you have any questions regarding the Maemo organization, you can ask those questions in the community mailing lists, the questions will be copied to this page in order to help other possible mentors with the same questions.