GSoC 2009/Projects/BitTorrent plugin for Canola/Report2

This is my second report for Canola2 plugin. Adding built-in Torrent library was the key issue this time. I chose in favour for official BitTorrent 3.9 client, because it is written in Python, it doesn't depend on exotic libraries and it performs quite well. I could not find wrappers for libtransmission. Rasterbar's libtorrent had wrappers but it depended on huge Boost libraries. Other libtorrent (rtorrent) did not have python wrappers. Integrating BT3 was quite easy, I cleaned up the code, removed obsolete python support etc. Now I have both: built-in BT3 and Transmission JSON RPC interface.

Other issue was adding fullscreen views for feed entry view and torrent download view. There was a lot of hacking but now it works perfectly. I also added nice progress bar there based on the action button used in other menus.

Other work included debugging, making code cleaner and more readable. There are still some features missing but when they'll be implemented the plugin is finished. There is now beta Debian package of this plugin available on Maemo wiki: