How to adjust the Nokia n800 and n810 nightlight


[edit] The Blinking Light

The N800 and N810 internet tablets have a bright light built into their top left corner (on the N810 it is at the very edge of the corner, on the N800 it is under the direction pad).

This light can be made to blink during certain events. One of the most useful events is when the tablet is switched on but the screen is off, because the blinking light helps you find the tablet in a dark room.

Others find this light very annoying and wish they could switch it off!

Fortunately this tutorial tells you how to switch it on and off. It is simple, you just have to know where to look.

[edit] How to switch the tablet "night light" on or off

  1. Click on the sun icon in the status bar at the top
  2. Select "Display Settings"
  3. Click on LEDs
  4. Tick the "Device On" box if you want to switch on the night light, untick it if you want to switch it off
  5. Click on OK

That's it!

[edit] Getting the light to blink on other occasions

You'll notice from the LEDs menu mentioned above that there are many other opportunities for the light to blink.

However, these will only work if you are using the built-in applications which came with the tablet. For example you can only get the light to blink on new e-mail if you're using the tablet's own E-mail application.

If you are using the built-in apps, simply tick the boxes on the LEDs menu that you want to activate and click OK. To deactivate them just untick them and click OK.

[edit] Does the blinking light use much battery life?

No, not very much. It only flashes very briefly and it is just a small LED.