How to crochet a lovely pouch for the nokia n800 and n810

A slight change of direction now. The Internet Tablet School proudly presents a guide to crocheting a wool pouch for the Nokia N800 and N810 internet tablets.

The model for the pouch was an N810, but the N800 will fit just as snugly. It's not a high tech slim streamlined case, but it's thick and cuddly and looks very nice.

[edit] How to make your own Nokia tablet pouch - the "source code"

In the spirit of open source, here are the complete instructions on how to make your own tablet pouch:

Use thick wool, "bulky" or "super bulky", 3.5oz/100g = around 65 yards/60m , 7 sts x 9 rows = 4 inches/10cm. The thickness of the wool should let you make the pouch very quickly. We used a 15/P/10mm crochet hook, but you can use a larger one if you prefer. If you use a smaller hook the pouch's surface will be denser.

Crochet 13 chain stitches, and then join the final chain stitch with the first one using a slip stitch, to form a ring. Mark the join with a stitch marker, do this with every row, and use it as a guide to where the next row has to finish. Make sure you keep the first chain stitch ring straight.

(The following is written using American crochet notation as most visitors to this site are from the USA. If you're British be careful not to take it at face value, for example "single crochet" in America means "double crochet" in Britain.)

RND 1: *1 sc at the end of each st*, repeat *-* until the pouch is about 6.5 inches / 16 cm.

RND 2: *1 chain stitch, turn, 5 sc*, repeat *-* back and forth until the cover is about 2 inches / 2 cm.

RND 3: 1 chain stitch, 1 sc, skip 1 sc, 1 chain stitch, 1 sc on the last two sts. You should now have your buttonhole. Fasten off (remember to leave enough yarn for it!), sew a large button onto the main part of the pouch, sew the bottom of the pouch shut. Congratulations, you now have a tablet pouch!

If you want to give your pouch a tail as shown in the photos, leave about 6 to 12 inches of yarn hanging free from the first stitch. When you sew the bottom of the pouch shut, you can let the yarn hang out of the middle of the bottom of the pouch. The beads of the tail can be kept in place by tying simple knots along the length of the yarn, and the end of the tail can be fluffed up to give a more animal-like effect.

For a really professional touch, you might want to investigate adding a lining to the pouch too.

Before putting the tablet in the pouch, make sure the screen and keys are locked. You can see a complete guide to this in our screen-locking tutorial.

[edit] Washing instructions for your tablet pouch

Handwash at about 30 degrees Centigrade / 86 degrees Fahrenheit with washing liquid.