How to customise the tablet wallpaper

The N800 and N810 come with rather nice background images, but if you would like to use something else instead it is very easy to replace the default desktop wallpaper with any image you want.

[edit] How to change the tablet wallpaper

  1. On the desktop, click on the Home menu at the top, then select "Set Background Image".
  2. Click on the Browse button, then on the left of the window click on the folder where you store your pictures. "Images" is probably the best folder to store pictures, as the N800 and N810 come with a few example photos in there and store photos taken with the camera in a sub-folder there. "Internal Memory" is the built-in memory on the N810 or the internal memory card slot on the N810, while "External Memory" is the external card slot on both the N800 and N810.
  3. When you have found the correct folder, click the image you want from the right of the window and then click the "Select" button. You'll be taken back to the Set Background Image window.
  4. Select how you want the wallpaper to be displayed from the Mode drop-down menu: "Centred" puts the image in the middle of the screen at full size, "Scaled" displays the entire image in the correct proportions (which may sometimes be the same thing as Centred), "Stretched" displays the entire image but stretched or squashed to fit the entire desktop, and "Tiled" will display the image like bathroom tiles, but you can only tile an image if it's smaller than the desktop. Background Colour lets you choose which colour is displayed around the edges if the image is in the wrong mode to cover the desktop entirely.
  5. You can preview the wallpaper by clicking "Preview", and when you're satisfied click on "OK".

[edit] How to get the old wallpaper back

Click on the desktop Home menu, then Set Background Image, then click on the Image drop-down menu and select the wallpaper you want to use again. The default wallpaper on the N800 and N810 is normally called "Echo".

[edit] How to get your own images onto the N800 or N810

There are many ways to get images onto your tablet.

You can transfer photos from a phone or other device via Bluetooth.

Alternatively you can take a picture with the tablet's own built-in camera.

A third option is to save an image from the web: start up your browser, go to the website where you want to get the image from, hold the stylus down on that image until a menu appears, select "Save As", click on "Change Folder" to select where you want to put the image (we recommend the Images folder or one of the memory cards), click OK to select a folder and then click OK again to save the image.

A fourth option is to put an N800 or N810 compatible memory card in a digital camera or cameraphone. After you've taken some pictures, put the card into the N800 to view and use the images. If you're unsure about which cards work on the N800, see our tutorial about N800 memory cards. The N810 uses miniSD memory cards which can be made SD-sized using an adaptor.

Lastly, you (or anyone else in the world) can send pictures to your N800 as email attachments, either in webmail or using the built-in email program. Just save the attachment to the folder you want to store images in.