Importing data

New users of Maemo operating system may run into trouble when trying to move their data (contacts, sms, calendar) from different platforms... This page contains informations on how to circumvent limitations of currently implemented Maemo's import functionality...

[edit] Importing from Windows Mobile

Main article: Importing Windows Mobile contacts

For this to be done, it's probably the best to use the freeware app on the WinMobile device and backup all the data to a single file (with binary storage turned off) - the following subsections contain simple scripts on how to import data from the backup file to a Maemo (N900) device...

Update Dec 6, 2010 - Use latest PPCPimBackup and the following setting: - Select contacts only - press / hit Next - Select Compress Backup - Do not select Binary backup - Other settings are ok, for your own use (keep settings, etc.)

[edit] Importing from Symbian

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[edit] Importing from iPhone

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