This page is about the Java programming language and Java Virtual Machine.


[edit] Current state of affairs

[edit] Official support

[edit] SUN

There is no official Java ME or Java SE from SUN as of yet.

[edit] Nokia

Nokia does not plan support because Nokia already supports 2 development platforms with Maemo: either GTK (Maemo 5) or Qt (Maemo 6) as well as WRT (Web Run Time).

[edit] N900 Application Manager

Java now available on the N900 via the icedTea6 version of OpenJDK(tm) in extras. Check your Application Manager for "icedTea6" to install.

[edit] Hardware support

[edit] 770/N800/N810(WME)

The Nokia 770, N800, N810(WME) CPUs have a proprietary extension called Jazelle which accelerates Java execution however this is technology requires a license. Nokia has not opted for such license hence there is no driver for this. For more information about Jazelle please see the Jazelle entry at Wikipedia.

[edit] N900

Nokia N900 contains succesor of Jazelle found on ARMv7, called ThumbEE. This is more general JIT; not JVM-specific. Hardware support (driver) of ThumbEE is unknown.

[edit] Solutions

[edit] Java SE for embedded 6

  • ARMv6 Linux - Headless (Early Access) EABI, glibc 2.5, Soft Float, Little Endian
  • ARMv6 Linux - Headless (Early Access) EABI, glibc 2.5, Hard Float (VFP), Little Endian
  • ARMv6 Linux - Headful (Early Access), EABI, glibc 2.5, Hard Float (VFP), Little Endian
  • ARMv5 Linux - Headless (Early Access), EABI, glibc 2.5, Soft Float, Little Endian
  • ARMv5 Linux - Headful (Early Access), EABI, glibc 2.5, Soft Float, Little Endian)

[edit] OpenJDK 6 JRE

Is ported to Debian GNU/Linux ARMEL therefore should work.

The Cambridge ARM-optimised OpenJDK has been shown to work.

[edit] Jalimo

Aims for Java SE compliance with pre-SUN_Java_GPLed_code, previously ported to Maemo.

Jalimo maemo 4 repo is giving a permission denied error and appear to be down. Development appears to have moved on to openembedded, mailing list still active.

[edit] Google Android's Virtual Machine Dalvik

Maemo could greatly profit if it could run all Android apps. If Maemo subsumes Android, there is no reason anymore to choose Android. Moreover there is already an Ubuntu project aiming at running Android apps in Ubuntu. The main developer does, however, not respond to emails.

[edit] MicroEmu

Java ME emulator written in Java SE previously ported to Maemo

[edit] phoneME

Java ME emulator written in C previously ported to Maemo.

[edit] Qt Jambi

Provides Java bindings for Qt. Swing native supported by headful Java versions.

[edit] Unsorted

For Java support in Maemo Browser a plugin is required. (References to be written.)

[edit] Brainstorm

Please see Task:Brainstorm_Java for an effort to outline possible solutions to improve Java support on Nokia N900.

[edit] Tutorials

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