Task:Brainstorm Java

Temporary entry to outline Brainstorm entry for Java support on Maemo 5 as result of discussion on t.m.o. Also see Java; this wiki entry is permanent and not related to Brainstorm.


[edit] Proposal 1: Java ME

[edit] Nokia buys Java ME royalities and lets SUN port it

[edit] Community ports PhoneME (more info)

  • +) GPL
  • -) No team as of yet
  • -) Not "official", so no advertising of MIDP capability
  • -) No info as to how complete this implementation is

[edit] Nokia or the community ports a Java SE implementation, and we use something like MicroEmu for ME compatibility

  • +-) See above
  • -) Might be a bit slower

[edit] Use the Google Android's Virtual Machine Dalvik

  • +) Open source, fast, mobile phone optimized
  • +) It would be great if the Maemo community could profit from all android apps.
  • -) Google

[edit] Proposal 2: Java SE

[edit] Nokia buys Java SE embedded royalities and lets SUN port it

  • +) Official implementation, official support
  • -) Probably quite expensive
  • -) Closed license

[edit] Community ports OpenJDK 6 JRE (more info)

[edit] Community ports Jalimo

  • +) GPL
  • -) Not much activity lately
  • -) No advertising, maybe incomplete

[edit] Community or Nokia builds Iced Tea

  • ) This actually includes the Cambridge optimisations, so IcedTea supersedes "Community ports OpenJDK 6 JRE".
  • +) Debian already has armel packages of this. Only repackage needed.
  • +) The above repackage has been done and uploaded to extras-devel: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=51871
  • -) However, no hildonization. The Jalimo project has built good Hildonized SWT, which can be combined with this for good results.
  • +) True GPL, no binary components
  • -) No team so far
  • -) No official advertising

[edit] Todo

Following is not taken into account in above proposals.

  • ?) Compatibility of open source implementations with the official one. Certified YES/NO. If no, please link to what is missing.
  • ?) Browser plugin is not covered in discussion.