MADDE is currently a technology preview.

These instructions are liable to change as development progresses. If some of the components do not work as expected, please add your question to the MADDE talk thread and follow up the discussion. is down, see MADDE#Installation for alternatives.


[edit] Introduction

This guide explains how to configure the development environment in MADDE and introduces the most important commands. These commands are used in the same way on all supported operating systems.

[edit] Commands "mad" and "mad-admin"

Basically MADDE can be used and configured by using these two basic commands with different parameters:
  • mad is used for cross-compiling and getting general information.
  • mad-admin is needed to set up and configure the development environment.

[edit] Check the configuration

Before it is possible to use MADDE for cross-compiling, it has to be configured correctly. By default the environment is set up for Fremantle. To check, which software versions of the Maemo OS ("target") are available, installable or set as default use the command:
mad list

fremantle-qt-0942  (default)
maemo412-1         (installable)
This means, that the Fremantle target is installed and set as default. Diablo can be installed, but is not available yet. If a target is set as default, it means that it will be used automatically for cross-compiling, if nothing else is specified.

[edit] Choose a target

An installed target can be set as 'default' by:
mad set <target name>
Besides the default option, a target can be set to be used with the parameter -t <target name>. For example:
mad -t <target name> make
If a target is set by the -t parameter, it will be used, regardless which target is set as default.

[edit] Install a target

If a target is marked as 'installable', it has to be installed, before it can be taken into use. This is done by:
mad-admin create <target name>
If the target is created successfully, it can be set as default or manually for each command as described before. It might be that necessary components (sysroot/toolchain) are missing. In this case the following error message will be shown:
Can not find /home/dwilms/madde_latest/.madde/0.5/cache/maemo-sdk-rootstrap_4.1.2_armel -- no such file.

Please enter 'mad-admin fetch maemo-sdk-rootstrap_4.1.2_armel' to get one. 

Then try again.

Then use the following command to download the missing files:
mad-admin fetch <URL|URL_ALIAS>

This command downloads the file from the location specified with URL. For convenience URL aliases can be used instead of complete URLs. To list available URL_ALIASES give the 'mad-admin fetch' command without arguments:
mad-admin fetch

After the missing sysroot and/or toolchain have been fetched, run the command for the target installation again:
mad-admin create <target name>

Finally check if the target is installed by running:
'mad list'