MADDE/Known issues

MADDE is currently a technology preview.

These instructions are liable to change as development progresses. If some of the components do not work as expected, please add your question to the MADDE talk thread and follow up the discussion. is down, see MADDE#Installation for alternatives.


[edit] Add New Bug

Use this link to add new MADDE bug:

[edit] Known Issues

As of this moment (2010-05-11) the list of open bugs in are not mentioned here:

[edit] General

No general items for MADDE 0.6.72 (so far)

[edit] Windows

  • When home directory path has whitespaces MADDE environment sets alternate home directory for user. This breaks interaction with non-msys programs in some special cases (almost all 'qmake' invocations are such a cases). To "fix" this one needs to enter echo >/etc/fstab in MADDE terminal.
  • On some version of Windows, "Madde terminal" takes ages to start. It seems some programs sleep 30 secs doing nothing. (Update: this does not happen to the reporter anymore (too). Maybe related to the windows 7 (64bit) update happened recently).
  • ar p on windows toolhains does LF -> CRLF conversions, breaking output.
  • Some F-Secure products may identify the file xtar.exe suspicious. In this case, mark the file as trusted, and restart the installation process.
  • Some Avira products may identify the file utfs-server.exe suspicious.
  • MADDE can be only installed on NTFS file system.

[edit] Linux

Madde installer for version 0.6.72 will fail if there is system 'mad' command (package 'mmv' installs such a command).

Simplest workaround is to remove 'mmv' before installation and then reinstall it. Next simplest is to move /usr/bin/mad (or whatever it is called) to different name before MADDE installation.

[edit] Mac