Mobile Dev Camp 2010

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Nokia is one of the sponsors of this years' Mobile Dev-Camp in Helsinki. Part of the engagement there is a developer competition. For the details please follow up on this page.


[edit] Competition

Around the event there will be a competition and Nokia will organise one Category. Follow up in the Q&A what to expect and how you can participate:

[edit] What are the rules?

  • You have 48 hours to write an application!
  • You will get basic support at the event itself and in the #nokia_MDC irc channel on!
To win the contest write an application in Qt for Maemo or Symbian, ideally for both, which:
  • uses the QtNetwork module,
  • integrates some aspect of the social web AND
  • the general topic is "OUTSIDE"

Be creative! Interprate the rules! And start coding now!

The best application will be selected by a jury. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

[edit] What do I have to do?

Follow the rules, have a brilliant idea, start coding, and present the application on the event. One thing, which we can say already:

  • the application has to be written in Qt
  • it has to work either on a Symbian device or the N900.

[edit] What can I win?

The winner-team of the competition gets:

  • 1xN900 if your application runs on Maemo
  • 1xN97 mini, if your application runs on Symbian
  • 1xN900 AND 1xN97 mini if the application runs on both systems.

You can win if your application is implemented according to the rules, we release 48 hours before the event, and if it is selected as the best application by a jury.

[edit] How can I prepare?

Check the information in the getting started section of this page. Further join the IRC channel on freenode (#nokia_MDC) to get support with the set-up.

[edit] How can I participate?

You can participate alone or as a group. Follow the rules out, start coding and present your idea at the event.

[edit] Workshop at the event

People from Maemo Devices and Forum Nokia will be present in the Nokia workshop room during the entire event. Come around to ask questions, chat, ask for demonstrations and discuss about topics around the development environment. There won’t be a fixed schedule, but everything around your questions. Showing how to set-up the environment, small code-snippets, how to start developing for Nokia devices etc. The goal is to get the hands on Qt-development for mobile devices and have some fun. For the people who are working on applications for the competition, there will be support for all your questions.

[edit] Getting Started


QtCreator is an easy to use cross-platform IDE. It includes QtDesigner, a powerful tool to create the UI. Further the QtSDK contains the libraries, which are necessary to compile and run your application in your native environment.

Download the QtSDK for your system

After downloading follow the installation instructions of the installer.

Special notes for Linux and Mac:

  • Mac OS X: XCode required.
  • Linux: GCC required.


MADDE is a command-line cross-compilation tool for Maemo 5. It offers a smooth way to compile your Qt application for the device. It is available for Windows, OS X and Linux.

Download MADDE

[edit] Links


Qt documentation starting point

Qt on Maemo 5 - Examples

Qt on Maemo 5 - General information


Simple Qt example with MADDE

How to test an application on Device


Maemo, MADDE and Qt 4.6

Maemo 5

Maemo 5 documentation

Development topics

[edit] IRC

Join the channels on freenode:

  • #nokia_mdc
  • #qt-maemo
  • #maemo