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There is no native mms support for Maemo 5 devices yet.

[edit] Community solution

[edit] fMMS

[edit] Configuration & Setup

  • Configuration data in fmms
  • FMMS
  1. Only required if you want to test latest non-stable version, as latest stable version is now in the standard Extras catalogue - most people can skip to step 2
    Create devel catalog (applications from this catalog can damage your phone but don't have to so if you are not sure about your needs or skills dont use it and wait for official applications from Nokia or firmware update)
    The software hosted in Extras-devel is NOT ready for normal users!
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not play with it unless you really know what you are doing. Be ready to file proper bug reports instead of posting complaints. Expected problems: crashes, battery drain, poor system performance, full disk space & more - SERIOUSLY!
    Do not play with Extras-devel if you haven't backed up your data or are prepared to re-flash your device.
  2. Refresh catalogue
  3. Run fMMS and it will start with configuration
    1. Press 'Configure' next to the APN label.
      • Please note that some of the fields below has been deprecated in later iterations of the application and might no longer be available for configuration through the graphical interface.
    2. Enter your settings as listed below unless the fields are already filled.
    3. "Your number" field should work if you enter a 0 (zero), if sending fails, please consult settings from the table below. As of 1.0.5 this option has been removed.
    4. Put max size of pics you want to have in outgoing MMS
  4. Save all and start sending MMS from fMMS menu.

It is very important to put correct setting in new APN and be sure if there is proxy needed in your operator.

The most important thing: when you have MMS ready to send you have to manualy connect to MMS APN from phone menu because it doesn't force this conection by itself (unless you use Havoc or Rude connection modes)

[edit] Troubleshooting fMMS

[edit] How to verify settings are correct

  1. Select 'Polite' mode in fMMS configuration
  2. Press the taskbar (where signal strength, battery etc is shown), connect to the internet connection called "MMS"
    • If this fails, your settings are wrong.
    • If this suceeds, proceed
  3. Open the browser and try browsing to the same location that is specified in the "MMSC" field in fMMS connection settings
    • If this fails, please double check all settings
    • If this suceeds, you should hopefully be able to send MMSes!
[edit] Problems receiving MMS
  • Problem #1 :
    • Symptom : Even though I am able to send MMS to other people, but I get an SMS from my operator, stating that I have a new MMS message waiting for me in my online album - (There are many variations of this), instead of receiving the actual MMS.
    • Reason : If you are able to send MMS's, your operator has probably flagged you as a user that cannot receive MMS messages, and so it forwards incoming MMS messages to you online album accessible via the operator website.
    • Solution : Call your operator and let them know your phone supports MMS, and that they should stop forwarding incoming MMS to your online album.
[edit] Problems sending MMS
  • Problem #1 :
    • Symptom : 'Name or service not known'
    • Reason : Connected to the wrong APN or settings are incorrect
    • Solution : Please double check the configuration, especially the field 'Access Point Name'. Note that this field should NOT be what you want to call the access point (eg "MyOperator MMS") but instead what is required by your operator (eg ""). If settings seems to be correct, connect manually to the MMS APN through the regular interface (as you would connect to a wireless) and make sure you can visit the url specified in the "MMSC" configuration field in the Web browser application.
  • Problem #2 :
    • Symptom : 'Sending failed. MMSC: 200_OK Body {whatever error code comes along form operator}'
    • Reason : Sent file is to large. This can happen when sending 5MP photos with some operators, also affects all other files like big MP3s.
    • Solution : In fMMS settings set the "Resize to" option to something smaller. Note that "Original" can an usually will be bigger than "Large". Most operators resize incoming images anyway, so sending larger images just uses up more traffic with no end result improvement.
  • Problem #3
    • Symptom : Operation failed MMSC: 200_OK Body: {}
    • Reason : Assuming that the empty brackets in Body: {} needs some text for some carriers to send
    • Solution : Adding some text to the message in the space below the pic worked for me
[edit] Problems since installing fMMS
  • Problem #1
    • symptom : Since creating a separate APN for MMS (what does this mean?), 'automatically connect' set up always connects to the MMS connection instead of regular internet connection
    • Reason : n900 currently only allows one (un-editable) APN in 'connect automatically'. See Bug 9476: See Bug 9500
    • Solution : Open X-Terminal and enter: /opt/fmms/ and press enter.

[edit] List of MMS parameters (Country and Providers)

Main article: MMS configurations

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