[edit] How to Install

In case if you cannot install maps with your device you can do it manually with your PC.

Please follow these instructions:

  • Download the desired map file to your PC.
  • Unzip the files
  • Create a folder "Map" on your Internet Tablet internal memory (N810) or Internal SDcard (N800)
  • Copy folder named "mapdata_<REGION>" to the folder "Map" created before
  • Replace any existing files.
  • Add additional map regions by repeating the previous steps.

Please note, that you need a valid license key to use the application premium services. These maps are only for Internet Tablet device.

Copied from

[edit] Navicore Wayfinder Mapdata for N8x0

  • Files deleted
  1. eec315e551197105cec1d01f2c811b17 (repack)
  2. c71931cbf06a674451d83b4e70c50b64
  3. 307928b6a0b15565813bb821ed37e45b
  4. 0315f5f77141fa90e22b4e985fa9f70c
  5. 08aed8ef2889fc793aa4cdfaabde1fa0
  6. 010d2e297a29dc7ad2ff55c7e379b9b4
  7. 66463d37cf63f140347f832e8917a577
  8. 0581aaf9386cc52f0acd65892eb7c3a8
  9. 345a13008c6d33989842f675d3579954
  10. fab845083c9189c4a7dd5f9afc6b006d
  11. c017e300c0decf527ee51c53360f6663
  12. 1926c85c0e6b3062abbdf5685f81f0c8
  13. 608d6ba734dcf2b7dd9ac0278b9b48be
  14. 2cad020dd630884d20b68f63bdf3e6ae
  15. 0c228020689c7adbed3e3f14a2280ea1
  16. a315cda1dd8a14f4016a4347e38e414e
  17. 40c11189ae1b9565d83e4e57572bc06f
  18. c75e5f62bc551064e61951a7649c9070
  19. 53ae32ae7c2659e0b67452efec505ef1
  20. c4ba1e1ba38d12bbfb213ab7e8074a22
  21. a6aa3a104e5fa0ff0895b163642cd2fb
  22. 3946997bdf711193c023b7d728df4cf8
  23. 76e50975f860c15fe0f0dd7b7b37628c