[edit] FAQ

Please don't ask questions in the thread unless you read this!

[edit] <Fill in the path> isn't found

Whenever I write /path/to/executable or similar, you need to substitute it with the right path on your system. Don't copy and paste blindly! Think!

Analogically, <your args> means that you need to write in the actual arguments.

[edit] I've got a Segmentation fault / Illegal instruction

Do not spam the thread with a simple report "The app crashes". This says absolutely nothing. If you want your report to be valueable do this:

0. Gain root access

   sudo gainroot

1. Install gdb

   apt-get install gdb

2. Load the app to gdb

   gdb /path/to/executable

3. (optional) Set the arguments (if you use them)

   set args <your args>

4. Run


5. After it crashes find out the backtrace


If the crash occurs at 0x00000000 like here: don't report it! It's a known problem, but no one knows why happens.

Then copy the output - start a couple of lines before the actual crash. Use your own mind and intuition what might be important. It's at most times best to include more in the log than too few. Don't include a thousand of lines like "(no debugging symbols found)" You might want to paste the log to some pasting service like or

Only after these steps report the problems to the thread.

And if you find a bug, missing library & etc., please report it to the bugzilla.

[edit] I get a lot of Qt Components about errors

You might get some errors about QtcCore.Theme or any other variable. You might want to try qt-components-1.4, but the following warnings apply

[edit] Library not found

First of all, enable the MeeCoLay repository by installing the meecolay-repo package. Make sure extras-devel is enabled. Search the keywords with apt-cache, for example if you're missing, do

   apt-cache search libaccounts qt

Make a google search, maybe you'll find the package containing the needed package. Only after these steps report the problem in the thread. And if the library is really missing, you might report it to the bugzilla