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This is no longer the most recent testing image, see Mer/Releases/0.11testing3

By using these testing images, you're morally obligated to test them and to edit this page and report -every single bug you find-, no matter if they're theme flaws, quirks, bugs or crashes. You can optionally also use bugzilla , use version 0.11.

Sign up for [mer-testing] mailing list and share your bugs, testing experiences. Test master is Meizirkki, and can be found in #mer on usually and you can ask him if there's some specialized areas that need testing. Take these testing things first.

These images will not be the only ones this week. In N8x0 installer, when it asks for URL=, write URL=http://the.image.intended. Instructions on Mer/Releases/0.9 still apply.

Mer X86 VMDK

Mer N8x0, JFFS2 and accompanying experimental zImage tarred, needed to boot

Mer N8x0, rootfs version

Mer 770, rootfs version

Mer for Beagleboard, bootfs

Mer for Beagleboard, rootfs

[edit] Bugs in testing1

  • Home applets are not working at all. (meiz)
    • Probably a PyGTK issue (stskeeps) - fixed 31/03/2009, pygtk=2.14.1-0ubuntu1mer1. Needs testing.
    • Tried installing and using Cairo Clock applet. Installed okay, but did not appear after selected from menu. (m-c)
      • Disabled extras in this image.
  • Settings app -> menu not working. (vdvsx)
    • Not a bug: There is actually no menu items because we don't have the "clear out device" and such items.
  • the xterm menu is wrong: appears webamewindow, webameedit, webameedit..., still not fixed in testing2
    • Unable to fix, lack of .po file just yet. Waiting for Fremantle updates. (stskeeps)
  • Initial configuration - Root Password Confirmation Prompt - No virtual keyboard - bug 4250 (m-c)
  • modifying panel settings causes X to sometimes crash to tty (zakkm), still not fixed in testing2

[edit] Bugs in testing2