Migrating to N900 from Series 60

This page aims to become a HOWTO for migrating from S60 devices (e.g. N-series phones) to the N900 without losing data, contacts or functionality. The aim is to provide users with a relatively seamless migration and to ensure that the N900 is capable of doing everything that the N-series did before delving into the world of new possibilities that Maemo brings.

Initially, this HOWTO is the work of a single author documenting the issues involved in migrating from a Nokia N96 to an N900. Therefore, it should not be taken as an exhaustive guide just yet. If you feel that something is missing, please feel free to add it, or raise it on the talk page.



[edit] Initial setup & preparation

This section addresses matters to be taken care of before the migration takes place, such as ensuring that we're using a working phone with the latest software revisions before we start.

[edit] Back up old phone

[edit] Preparing the new phone

[edit] Migrating physical components

Certain physical components must be physically transferred from the old phone to the new one. Migrating from an N96, the components that remain compatible with the N900 are:

  • SIM card - obviously (!) but it's worth remembering that we need to get the data off the old phone before moving the SIM card permanently.
  • Memory card - in common with later N-series phones, the N900 supports a 16 GB microSDHC which can be moved directly from the N96. It will be backed up first in case I need to repartition or reformat it for any reason.
  • Mains charger - Nokia supply a CA-146C charger adapter in the box, so a previous Nokia charger can be converted for use with the N900.

[edit] Updating phone firmware

There are features in the newest firmware (1.3) that are well worth having, so the N900 will first be flashed with the newest available firmware as per the procedure described at updating the firmware.

[edit] Backups & version control

[edit] Migrating data, settings & applications

[edit] Migrating contacts & calendar data

This was MUCH easier than expected. I didn't need my backups or anything else. Go into Contacts on the N900 and it offers the option to "Get contacts" and do so by "Sync from another device". What's more, it actually works!

The N900 found my previous N96, allowed me to pair with it and asked me to confirm what I wanted to import. It then imported the contacts, calendar, tasks and notes, over Bluetooth, without requiring a PC, a memory card, a cable or anything else.

[edit] Multimedia files

[edit] Personalisation

This section deals with personalising the behaviour and alerts of the N900 to achieve similar settings to those required on previous phones.

[edit] Ringtones

[edit] Caller Groups

[edit] Profiles

[edit] Major applications

Many of the applications I'm used to under Symbian won't be available in the same form under Maemo, but the aim of this section is to achieve N-series equivalent or better functionality in minimum time.

[edit] Series 60 applications and their Maemo equivalents

[edit] Joikuspot

Joikuspot is commercial software that turns the phone into a Wifi hotspot for use with laptops etc. It is available for N900, but I also want to look into whether Linux can handle this on an N900 without need of commercial software.

[edit] Opera Mini

There is no official Java support, and all custom solutions are still in alpha stage.

[edit] Google Maps

Currently (July 2010) there is no native Google Maps for Maemo, but PR1.2 and above now includes a browser with built-in geolocation so the instructions for using the maemo-geolocation plugin are apparently out of date, Hopefully that means that Google Maps for Mobile will just work, in which case a bookmark to it is good enough.

[edit] Multi-protocol IM client e.g. Nimbuzz

An IM client that handled MSN, Skype, Facebook etc. as well as providing a VoIP client. This functionality is built in, but Maemo also runs pidgin which provides an adequate replacement.

[edit] BestBlacklist (caller blacklisting application)

This application provided the ability to block nuisance calls by caller ID. The same thing can be achieved with a Python script on an N900.

[edit] BestProfiles

Alarmed is even more capable replacement on Maemo platform. It can be used to schedule anything. Maemo can also run standard Linux scheduler fcron.

[edit] SlovoEd dictionaries

How about Kielikone dictionaries, now only available for S60? Expensive, but professional.

[edit] Web applications

  • Monilink
  • eBay, Facebook, et al