Miniature/Development/chess clock function


[edit] Existing application: game clock

There is a python application which is running at least on maemo4 tablets. (i'll try it out on the n900 if I have some time...). It's called gameclock and you can download the souces here.

The user interface looks not very nice and the buttons to switch to opponent's time after a move is very small. But there is a clock logic and also different game modes possible so maybe there can be used some stuff for a function in Miniature too.

[edit] Miniature function: chess clock

[edit] Use cases

The N900 doesn't have a very stable stand so I think the normale case to use it as chess clock would be to put it on a table with the screen on top.

[edit] User Interface

A chess clock at least needs two buttons (Button1 and Button2 in the picture below) to stop the time counter for player one and to start the time counter for player two. So my proposal would be to use a half of the full screen to switch as button.

N900 internet tablet screen

+-----------+ \
|           | |
|  Time P1: | |
|  02:12    |  > This area is Button1
|           | |
|           | |
|           | |
|  Time P2: | |
|  00:01    |  > This area is Button2
|           | |
|           | |
+-----------+ /

[edit] More input

Please also have a look to this thread about the idea of having a game clock.