Objective:Best community for mobile Linux innovation

This article is continued discussion from the maemo.org brainstorm
Please see the 2010 Agenda for more.

This is the meta-objective, source of inspiration and context for th rest of objectives.

[edit] Tasks

  • maemo.org vision, strategy and mid term objectives.
  • Easy entry points to Get Involved.
  • Maemo contributor growth path, from newcomer to champion.
  • Ways for triaging and promoting the best projects.
  • Models for professional development including open source.
  • Opportunities for collaboration face to face: events and local networks.
  • Strong ties with other relevant open source projects.
  • Deep understanding of users and trends in different segments and cultures.

Related tasks:

[edit] Required from Nokia

These points need more work.

  • Developer device programs offering best-in-class open hardware.
  • Support for productization, promotion and distribution of innovation.
  • Easy to use tools for application prototyping.
  • Tools for platform development and publish enhancements.