Playing OGG files

The Nokia Internet Tablets don't support ogg out of the box due to upstream corporate decisions within Nokia, but you can listen to audio in this format by installing third party software. You can follow progress on official support in bug #176 (and read our justification for this request here in the wiki).

There has been some work by community members enabled by the release of the DSP toolchain on the the Texas Instruments TMS320C55x DSP, but essential proprietary components are still licensed under NDA by TI in the form of the Code Composer Studio IDE. Simon Pickering has, nonetheless, developed a working audio decoder using the DSP on a Nokia N810.

[edit] Gstreamer ogg codecs

These codecs run on the main CPU, not on the DSP.

[edit] Ogg capable players if gstreamer ogg codecs are installed

[edit] Players with built-in ogg support

See this thread for more.

There is information for developers to enable ogg support in their applications at the "Getting started with multimedia" how-to pages for Maemo 4.x, Maemo 3.x, and Maemo 2.2)