Talk:Maemo Summit 2009/Organization


[edit] work in progress, please don't edit now

[edit] Equipment

  • Speaker laptops? OS available? Formats accepted?
  • 4 rooms have projector.
  • 1, 2, 3 have video camera but not 4. Unclear who will operate them though.

[edit] Spaces

  • N900 = big room
  • N810 = medium room
  • N800 = small room
  • 770 = workshop room
  • Community = Expo & lunch room
  • There will be an infodesk - in Community room?
  • Gardrobe?

[edit] Media & bloggers

  • Traditional media handled by Nokia Press team.
  • Decision pending on tech/Linux bloggers - Quim
  • Room 4 is Press Room on Friday, available for BOFs on Saturday and Sunday.

[edit] Video coverage

  • What are we renting, exactly?
  • We need 1 person for each of the 3 cameras.
  • How to process all the material?
  • We need someone in charge of this.

[edit] Maemo Expo

  • In the Community room.
  • Many small demo stands.
  • stand organized by the community - who coordinates.

[edit] Food, drinks

  • Lunch will happen in the Community room.

[edit] Social events

  • Party in FlexBar on Friday.
  • Drinks after the last session on Saturday.

[edit] Registration

  • Badges need to be produced. A4 folded twice containing name in 2 sides, map and schedule.
  • Registration possible already on Thursday afternoon (17:00-19:00). Then opening at Friday and Saturday at 9am. Sunday? Probably going to infodesk is enough.