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[edit] Improving the current layout

Layout = graphics and mostly what can be controlled with the CSS styles.

[edit] What's wrong about the current layout?

List issues here:

  • Many graphical elements are blurry. Is this a post-process issue, or is it inherent in the original artwork?
  • Not very usable on Maemo compatible devices. Even less with thumbs only.

[edit] What works about the current layout?

List positive remarks here:

  • Here

[edit] Proposals for creating a great layout.

List proposals here:

  • New color in new logo should be used.
  • Make it a fluid layout.
  • Make it more ajaxy. Use jQuery or Prototype (or something) to create a clean, snappy UX.
  • Very finger usable in Maemo compatible devices.--qgil 20:33, 1 August 2008 (UTC)
  • Specific layout for Maemo compatible devices Y/N? See the ITt discussion.
  • The author/team of the winning logo should be invited to work on the redesign.
  • Less text only links and more icons in homepage and navigation. See allameswerout suggestions in ITt.