Task:Maemo.org facelift

We now have a new logo for maemo.org:


and we need to update the maemo.org site to use this logo everywhere.

It may be an opportunity to review the layout and style of maemo.org and refresh the visual image of the site.

  • Maemo.org can benefit from some face lifting - right now on 1280x1024 (this resolution seems to be very common to developers) only half of the real screen estate is used. With some loose block positioning both 800x480 and bigger resolutions can be supported. Maybe even specialized tablet finger-friendly look for those preferring it.
  • More relevant information displayed on front page, preferably customizable blocks like Netvibes and iGoogle. Since the content is gzipped, that won't be too harming to the traffic. Blocks can be optionally auto updated for those that like to keep their browser pages open (and if Prizm is ported - even in the tray). For instance, a "new bugs" section with voting on the fly will boost bugzilla usage.
  • Make links more standardized. New users often expect links would be underlined, even subtly, or appear to be a button of some kind. Don't rely on hover effects because the tablet can't practically use them. See Wikipedia on 'Mystery Meat Navigation'
  • Format and style need to be unified across as much of the site as possible (excluding things like Garage and Bugzilla). Take, for instance Planet and News, two pages that should be very similar, if not the same. Perhaps take News' style and format and apply it to Planet (add the contributor's avatar to the upper right of each article? Much like slashdot does with their article category images.), as the News style seems to offer a cleaner look that better utilizes the available space.
  • For the outliers like Garage and Bugzilla, at least the style should largely be unified with the main site—using the same fonts, same colors, etc.
OK to have a well integrated, efficient and nice-looking layout across maemo.org. Ok to discuss in detail in a page apart and ok to have a basic plan agreed in 100 Days. The execution will take longer, though.--qgil 07:38, 2 June 2008 (UTC)

Note also that maemo.org's visual identity is not only the logo, but also the stylesheets, icons and other graphics. See Task:Improve maemo.org/Graphics for more information.