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This is a subtask of Task:Defining maemo coordinated by Soumya.

We need to come up with the list of packages that define Maemo 4.1, according to the new definition of Maemo:

  • Maemo platform - The software stack from the Linux Kernel to the SDK. It's mostly open source code originated in upstream projects plus some open components developed by Nokia. Some exceptions of Nokia and third party proprietary software are included in order to provide a fully functional stack.

Integrating these components one should be able to generate a functional image and a complete SDK.

The list packages should be presented in a sensible way e.g. organized around the components described in the new Intro and the Maemo software architecture documentation.


[edit] Table of packages

[edit] Third draft

A third draft is available HERE. Now all packages have LOC counts.

[edit] Second draft

A second draft is available HERE. It contains the same data as the first draft plus the approximate lines of code of the packages. This data wasn't initially required in this task yet now it can be used now to compare the amount of code open vs closed.

Some packages are still missing LOC counts:

  • netbase
  • libxmu
  • libxpm
  • libxres
  • linux-kernel-headers
  • gcc
  • initfs-diablo
  • kernel-diablo

[edit] First draft

A first draft is available HERE. It contains:

  • Proposed list of packages that make Maemo. They come from the Maemo 4.1 SDK profile plus some additional packages needed to complete a bootable image. Compared to the OS2008 image, most applications and Nokia design elements are missing.
  • Organization of packages in components.
  • Basic status of the license of each package:
    • OSS Upstream: packages that essentially have been integrated just as they come from their upstream projects.
    • OSS Modified: packages originated upstream that have been adapted by Nokia to run on Maemo.
    • OSS Nokia: open source packages developed by Nokia.
    • Nokia closed: closed source packages developed by Nokia.
    • 3rd party: closed source packages developed by third parties.
  • A graph visualizing the amount and type of packages per each component.