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Please see the 100 Days agenda for more.
This is an accepted task and it is currently in the maemo.org development backlog. Probably nothing is stopping you from starting on it, though.
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Break the site up according to various use-cases. For each part of the site, identify the most important content and put it up front.

Outdated official content should not appear in the primary navigation of the site, but should be accessible in an archive - esp. 3.x downloads, API documentation, guides.

The wiki can be one of two things - a sandbox for brainstorming or a repository for documentation. It's hard for it to be both.


[edit] Site organisation

  • Use-case by use-case, figure out what the most important information on the site is, and make it easy to find.
    • Concentrate on the site structure more than the content.
  • If there is still useful and mostly relevant information which needs updating to the latest release, update.
  • Archive the outdated information away from the maemo 4.x stuff.
  • Mark the outdated stuff clearly. Date content in general with the last time it was reviewed.
  • Improve the search (google?). Make search by section possible (developer documentation, user & community sections) - ideally allow inclusion of Bugzilla, the wiki and itT in search results.

[edit] Get focused

  • Add porting FAQ wiki page detailing common problems developers will run into (i.e. application is killed 3 seconds after launch) and how to deal with them. Provide examples of typical GTK/Motif/etc. application changes needed to properly Hildonize the application. List ways to deal with porting of toolkit-specific functionality whether it be internationalization or mouse/keyboard input.
Sounds like the things in the FAQ need to be in the porting guide --15:36, 1 October 2008 (UTC)
  • Stress the fact that the Internet Tablet is not a PC and apps should be created/ported with the tablet form in mind. Don't just do a direct port of an existing app. Aim for quality and Internet Tablet usability.
  • Focused discussion/guide on User Interface so apps will have a consistent look as well as provide a similar way to interface with the user

[edit] Build environment

  • Provide an example of simple build environment *not* relying on AutoConf and its friends. A single includable makefile should suffice, when used with SB2.
  • Clearly *say* in the SB readme that it is not possible to debug every application on the desktop, show how to test applications on the target device using SSH/SCP or some other means.

[edit] Longer-term goals

These will not be part of the initial website revision, because they require more substantial changes to infrastructure

  • Make it possible for logged-in developers to annotate any place in the documentation. Link to annotations from documentation.
  • Clearly define what changes is made by default on gtk : like GtkTreeView with hidden header columns by default, or image-button off ...
The idea is to have the sources of the official documentation here in this wiki. Users could add comments in the discussion pages, perhaps some users could get edit rights too. To be decided. The Nokia teams would updated their part of the documentation here and then all would be revised and conveniently package in PDF when a new stable release comes. So yes, we can put this in the 100 Days and then let's see how far we go in this timeframe.--qgil 07:34, 2 June 2008 (UTC)
  • Define types of applications that will be useful on the Internet Tablet
  • Maybe provide a few simple stylesheets and JavaScript libs for creating quick iPhone-like web apps running in MicroB. This should be very light, very easy to use, and targeted to casual users.
Good ideas, they can be pushed by Nokia and the community. The point about Javascript libs is imho more of a 2010 Agenda thing, though. I don't mean we wouldn't have anything before 2010, but 100 Days is just too tight. Besides, the work to be done goes beyond maemo.org.--qgil 07:34, 2 June 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Development

See Task:Improving maemo.org/Development

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