These tasks are accepted but not committed in the current sprint. Check also the medium priority bugs. Nothing stops you from pushing them, though.

Added Task Owner Highlights
Package search page Jeremiah Hacked a little on this prototype.
Task:3rd party bug tracking in -
Task:donation on download page -
2008-12-03 Task:Collaboration infrastructure for a single project (e.g. Application Manager) Eduardo
2008-01-07 Downloads redesign agreed Niels
2008-03-05 Task:Reducing number of external repositories Jeremiah Contacted most owners. Had a lot of positive responses. People have mentioned that they think this should be a higher priority than just backlogged.
2008-05-08 Create Maemian from Lintian Jeremiah Development has progressed, received sources from Nokia
2009-05-31 Make event calendar more social Bergie
2009-06-18 Create a buildable, installable fennec package Jeremiah Proposed as COULD for the June sprint. This is going to be a little tricky, but I think we definitely want this for Fremantle. I have had discussions with the Mozilla team and have contact info and a bit of a plan so I think this is realistic. Great opportunity to work with upstream here.
2009-06 Modify to use debs of docs, rather than building tar.gzs dneary Hopefully will be working with Fred Peters to get this done
2009-06 Ensure library updated on Maemo release dneary
2010-04 Change search to a custom Google Search. See Reggie's proposal. ferenc
2010-04 Task:Git over ssh - implement git over ssh for garage projects ferenc Practically done, but there are some authentication issues that I am still working on. feri 19:20, 10 May 2010 (UTC)
2010-04 Task:Garage facelift - implement the current theme ferenc
2010-04 pubsubhubbub for Planet Maemo ferenc
2010-04 Allow commenting on Planet Maemo articles ferenc
2010-04 Karma from (git and svn) commits ferenc
2010-04 Task:Karma details - add quick links to e.g. blog posts, email messages etc. that were written / done by the person in question ferenc

There are more tasks queuing in the list of proposals.

See also the Nemein backlog for a backlog of tasks which Nemein have committed to as part of their maintenance contract for servers.