Task:Document maemo.org processes

This is an ongoing task, planned to be completed during the current maemo.org development sprint. Any help is appreciated!
Please see the talk page for discussion.

This is a list of maemo.org processes, infrastructure and applications which require documentation, because only one or two people know how to do it.

The goal is to make sure that no-one on the team is indispensable, and that the "bus factor" on every component of maemo.org is greater than one - that is, that there is no component where only one person knows how it works and can fix it when it breaks. This is a list of documents we should have, categorised (roughly) by the person who knows the information to document.


[edit] sysadmin (Ferenc)

[edit] webmaster (Niels)

  • How have we configured our web server(s)? (Asked by Jeremiah)
  • What do you do when the autobuilder goes down? (Asked by Jeremiah, FAQ from community)
  • What tools are there to diagnose a problem with package submission? (FAQ: "Is the builder working, or just slow?")
  • How are packages promoted from extras-devel to extras-testing, and then to extras? (Asked by Jeremiah, community FAQ)
  • What is the process for non-free packages to get into extras? (Community FAQ, esp Mauku)
  • How does the autobuilder work? (Asked by Jeremiah)

[edit] debmaster (Jeremiah)

[edit] bugmaster (Andre)

[edit] docmaster (Dave)