logo contest

As the Maemo brand is being redefined, becomes clearly the space of collaboration of the Maemo community, organized around open source tools and ways of working. A new "" logo defined and produced by the community will embody the new values. Once selected, it will become the logo used in * and it will inspire a new web layout to be implemented this year.


[edit] Results

After the many great entries recieved during the contest, the judges decided on this logo from Glauber Olivier to represent the Maemo community:


The Maemo web team will now proceed to update to use this new logo.

[edit] Contest procedure

The logo contest was organized in the following terms:

  • Design the new logo
  • Submit it before the 27th of July 2008
  • Win a trip to OSiM World and the Maemo Summit (Berlin, 17-19/Sep) + a Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition

[edit] Rules

Inspired by (with some ideas integrated from

  • All registered users can participate presenting one or more proposals under their name.
  • All the proposals will be submitted by the authors publicly in this wiki.
  • Logo submitters agree to licence their submissions under Creative Commons BY-ND. The submitter will keep ownership, and be credited as the designer of the logo.
  • The deadline for submissions is 2008/07/27 23:59 UTC.
  • No age restrictions apply to submission, but some prizes may not be feasible for underage contestants.
  • One winner will be selected by a procedure to be defined by the community.
  • Nokia employees may enter the competition, but are not eligible to receive a prize, in the event that they win. In the case a Nokia employee's submission is chosen, the prize will go to the runner-up.
  • The winning logo should be original, and clear of trademark encumbrance.

[edit] Submission guidelines

  • Logos must be available in a vector format (SVG, PDF, AI), but should be submitted as PNG.
  • The size of the logo should be approximately 500 pixels on its longest axis.
  • The winning logo will be used in contexts ranging from a small 16x16 favicon to a high quality t-shirt print, and should adapt well to all resolutions in between.
  • "" should be the only text used. It should be converted to paths in your vector format file.
  • Fresh look recommended. No need to be tied to the current logo or website design.
  • The best logo will represent the values of the community.
  • Avoid any resemblance to Nokia fonts, color schemes or graphical elements.
  • Avoid gradients, and prefer a small number of colours.

[edit] Post-contest

  • The winner plus whoever else wants to help will develop also designs for a shirt and a sticker. Nokia will fund the production. They will be distributed in the Maemo Summit and other channels to be decided.

[edit] Procedure for submitting logos

Submitters must have a maemo account, and sign their entries in the wiki.

Submitters must follow the following procedure for submitting their logos:

  1. The logo will be uploaded to Special:Upload. Please name your images in this format:
Maemo.org_logo_contest_<your username>[_<entry number>].png

and enter this into the summary: logo contest entry from [[User:<your username>]]
  1. After the logo has been uploaded, the user should then add their submission to the bottom of logo contest submissions in this format:
=== <your username> ===
[[Image:Maemo.org_logo_contest_<your username>.png]]

or use the template created to do this for you:

{{Logo entry|<your username>}}

For example, User:GeneralAntilles's submission would be uploaded here: Image:Maemo.org_logo_contest_GeneralAntilles.png, and his entry would look like:

{{Logo entry|GeneralAntilles}}

Users submitting several entries should use a gallery, like this:

=== username ===

<gallery widths="300px" perrow="3">
Image:Maemo.org_logo_contest_[username]_1.png|Caption 1
Image:Maemo.org_logo_contest_[username]_2.png|Caption 2
Image:Maemo.org_logo_contest_[username]_3.png|Caption 3

which will result in something like this:

[edit] Example username