Task:donation on download page

This is an accepted task and it is currently in the maemo.org development backlog. Probably nothing is stopping you from starting on it, though.
Please see the talk page for discussion.

Feature wanted: maemo to support donations to software in maemo->download.

Optimal would be a donation button near the "on click installation" and maemo (or a maemo partner) handling the transfer of the money to different accounts of the authors and developers of the software with (by project maintainer) defined ratios.

Reason: I have feature requests for our software (vncviewer) with donation offer, and like to have a simple way to handle donations to realize the requests. I think, this would help some developers to realize feature requests.

Of cause it is possible for an author to put a donation button on the project main page using some donation provider. But I think maemo commuity would be a good place to offer this. I know, it is some administration necessary, but exactly this is the reason, why I did not do it myself up to now.

On the other side, if more maemo applications would offer a donation button, this might influence the behaviour of the users on accepting this to be the kind of way this application "store" works.