Webapplications and websites

Webapplications and Websites is a collection of useful URLs for tablets. There is a version for mobile-specific sites in the Useful Mobile URLs article. They are used simply by surfing to this page with a tablet and clicking a link.

  • Bejeweled [1]

Personal Information Management
  • TabletOS (All around PIM) [2]
  • Tadalist (To-do List) [3]
  • 30boxes Calendar (displays better than GCal) [4]

News, Weather and Information
  • Weather Underground for iPod - looks great on n800 [5]

WAP Emulators
  • Wapsilon [6]
  • TTEmulator [7]
  • MobileRunner (emulates WAP, imode, PDA, J2ME) [8]

Translation Services
  • pda.leo.org [9] - (German to/from English, Spanish, French) - the "big" version dict.leo.org also covers Italian and Chinese and is totally usable on the Nokia (not many grapics, not much ads etc.).

Travelling and Hotels
  • Bahn.de [10] - travel information for German railways and more (in German)
  • Wikitravel [11] - "Wikitravel is a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable worldwide travel guide."
Miscellaneous iPhone Webapps
  • Ebook Reader (optimized for iPhone, requires more scrolling on n800) [12]
  • Guitar Chords (works well on n800) [13]
  • Radio Song List (works pretty well on n800) [14]
  • Bartender iPhone Webapp (works very well on n800) [15]
  • Movies iPhone Webapp (works but not great) [16]
  • Directory of Restaurant Menus (works well) [17]
  • Question and Answer Site (works ok) [18]
  • Netvibes (works perfectly) [19]
  • Facebook (works perfectly) [20]
  • Hotel Widgets Hotel/Flight/Car Reservations [21]
  • Travelocity iPhone Webapp (works very well) [22]
  • Box File Storage [23]
  • Free SMS Text Messages [24]
  • Shopping List “We can't be out of eggs -I just went to the store.” [25]

Easy access wap info
Miscellaneous online services
  • Upload and share files up to 10M, optimized for mobile devices [26]
  • Convert a web page to a pdf file [27]
  • HTML5 sketching app (use Hover mode) [28]
  • HTML5 photo editor app (use Hover mode) [29]