fMMS is an application for MMS sending/receiving with GUI for Fremantle, written in python + gtk.



While the steps are generally the same for multiple providers, these instructions contains settings that are specific to T-Mobile USA


  • Install fMMS; located in Extras-Devel
  • Install fAPN; located in Extras-testing

Go HERE to learn more about adding more repositories to your app manager


(This is an example configuration specifically for T-mobile USA. For other MMS providers, check the MMS wiki.)

  1. Create a new APN
    1. Run fAPN
    2. Create a new APN (I call mine Tmo-mms) and click add
  2. Edit APN
    1. go into Settings (where all the icons are)
    2. go into Internet connection under connectivity
    3. click on connection
    4. highlight your NEW APN (Tmo-mms) and click edit
    5. Hit next on the next window
    6. In access point name, put in ""
    7. Leave everything else blank and hit next
    8. Hit advance on the next window
    9. Put a "check mark" on use proxy
    10. In http proxy:, enter,
    11. In port #, enter 8080 (or 9201 if 8080 fail)
    12. Put a "check mark" on Automatic Configuration
    13. In web address, enter
    14. Hit SAVE, and then Finish
    • NOTE: I honestly don't know if you need to put both proxy and web address in there because if you check web address, proxy turns gray. If you uncheck web address, proxy light up. I will test and report later.
  3. fMMS Setting
    1. Open fMMS, you will be prompt to put in a APN
    2. Enter in your newly create APN (Tmo-mms) *Case sensitive
    3. In MMSC, enter
    4. In Resize image, enter 300 or something lower (don't know how high is max)
    5. Enter your phone number at last (without dash)
    6. Hit SAVE


  1. Open fMMS, is not already running.
  2. Tap on the top center (where you see fMMS V )
  3. Hit New MMS
  4. Put in number to send mms to
  5. put in message
  6. put in attachment (photos)
  7. Connect to Tmo-mms (same place where you usually connect to wifi). You can do this before Step 4 if you want. For some reason, if I don't connect to this first, it doesn't work (I will get a "network error" message).
  8. Hit SEND

You should see a "resizing" notice and then a bunch of gibberish number/symbol/letter. This means you sent it.

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