This is a TECHNICAL PREVIEW of a new development tool for Maemo. MADDE stands for Maemo Application Development and Debugging Environment and offers the following features:

  • Command-line cross-compiling
  • Multi-platform support (Linux (32-bit/64-bit), Windows, Mac OS X)
  • Configurable for different targets & toolchains
  • Client for the device to simplify the development process
  • Simplicity

Latest TECHNICAL PREVIEW is version 0.6.14, published 2010-02-05.

You are welcome to test the tool in your development process. But keep in mind that this is a technical preview. We highly appreciate your feedback in talk, the developer list and especially in bugzilla (Developer Platform -> MADDE).

Find the talk-thread around MADDE here.


1. Download the file for your operating system from:

MADDE downloads

2. Depending on your operating system:

  • Windows:
Execute the downloaded file and follow the instructions

  • Linux, Mac OS X
Open the terminal and run:
sh <MADDE installer>

3. Start the environment

  • Windows
Find the MADDE terminal in:
Start -> Programs -> MADDE -> MADDE terminal
A general information for Windows users: Projects, which are created in MADDE are stored in:

  • Linux, Mac OS X
Use the terminal to run the MADDE commands as described in the guides.


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