Task:maemo.org IRC cloaks

This task is in the list of maemo.org development proposals, please help planning and getting it ready for a sprint. Put a note on the talk page if you're interested in helping work on this task.
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This task aims to outline a plan for assigning cloaks for maemo.org staff, maemo.org contributors, Nokia employees and Nokia contractors.

Cloaks should be broken down into two basic sections maemo.org and Nokia. maemo.org should use /maemo.org and Nokia /Maemo.



maemo.org cloaks can be broken down into paid staff and contributors.


We currently have 6 positions on the maemo.org team:

  • /Maemo/community/webmaster
  • /Maemo/community/docmaster
  • /Maemo/community/bugmaster
  • /Maemo/community/debmaster
  • /Maemo/community/talkmaster
  • /Maemo/community/distmaster


Contributor cloaks should be kept simple. One cloak for council members, another for recognized contributors with over 500 karma points.

  • /Maemo/community/council
  • /Maemo/community/contributor


Cloaks for Nokia employees and contractors should be as flexible as possible. For example, some valid cloak options might include:

  • /Maemo/opensourceadvocate
  • /Maemo/browser/engineer
  • /Maemo/Modest/architect
  • /Maemo/marketing
  • /Maemo/Nokia/employee
  • /Maemo/Igalia

Nokia employees and contractors not wishing to advertise their affiliation with the company are welcome to use a /Maemo/community/contributor cloak.