Task:maemo.org IRC cloaks

This task is completed and this page stays here for documentation purposes only. Please file bugs or propose a new, related task if you want to push this forward.
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This task aims to outline a plan for assigning IRC cloaks for maemo.org staff, maemo.org contributors, Nokia employees and Nokia contractors.

Cloaks should be broken down into two basic sections maemo.org and Nokia. maemo.org should use maemo.org/ and Nokia Maemo/. Not possible due to Freenode guidelines, using Maemo/community and Maemo/ instead.

The list of all community cloak wearers is available here. Any Nokia employees or contractors interested in a cloak should contact GeneralAntilles or X-Fade on Freenode.

Also please refer to https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8450


[edit] maemo.org

maemo.org cloaks can be broken down into paid staff and contributors.

[edit] Staff

We currently have 6 positions on the maemo.org team:

  • Maemo/community/webmaster
  • Maemo/community/docmaster
  • Maemo/community/bugmaster
  • Maemo/community/debmaster
  • Maemo/community/talkmaster
  • Maemo/community/distmaster

[edit] Contributors

Contributor cloaks should be kept simple. One cloak for council members, another for recognized contributors with over 500 karma points.

  • Maemo/community/council
  • Maemo/community/contributor

[edit] Nokia

Cloaks for Nokia employees and contractors should be as flexible as possible. For example, some valid cloak options might include:

  • Maemo/opensourceadvocate
  • Maemo/MicroB/engineer
  • Maemo/Modest/architect
  • Maemo/marketing
  • Maemo/Nokia/employee
  • Maemo/Igalia

Nokia employees and contractors not wishing to advertise their affiliation with the company are welcome to use a /Maemo/community/contributor cloak.

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