Nitdroid easy install on EMMC

Some instructions here may cause serious problems. When unsure, see General precautions
Backing up your data is recommended. In case of trouble you might need to re-flash your device.

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NITDroid Port


[edit] Installing NITDroid

This tutorial is specifically designed to install Nitdroid on the internal memory of the N900 (EMMC) and does not apply to installation on an external micro SD card. The main purpose of installing Nitdroid on the internal memory is that in most cases you will see an increased performance.

There are two ways of installing NITDroid:

1. Copy NITDroid's rootfs to /and in /home: Easier - Faster

2. Creating a custom 2GB partition on your eMMC: Cleaner - Requires a brain Bold text

[edit] Method 1

NOTE: It is highly recomended that you flash the modded 8GB 20GB eMMC image. Nitdroid won't recognize/use/install anything if you have low memory in mmcblk0p2. NOTE on Note: there are other - probably better - ways to increase your /home partition's size.

1. Download the NITDroid Autoinstaller to ./MyDocs i.e. root directory of N900 and install it:

[edit] Uninstalling NITDroid

[edit] If Installed By Method 1

Tap on the NITDroid-Uninstaller on your menu.

[edit] If Installed By Method 2

Open X Terminal and type the following commands:

    mount -o noatime,rw /dev/mmcblk0p5
    rm -rf /and/.

Then uninstall multiboot by anyway you prefer.