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[edit] Answers and fixes to some FAQs:

[edit] Why can't I hear anything when calling?

Sound cannot be routed through the N900's earpiece/microphone in NITDroid yet.

[edit] Why is my device not charging while in NITDroid?

In NITDroid, go to:

App drawer --> Settings --> Applications --> Development --> Stay awake

This should let the screen stay awake while charging, your device will be charging normally.

[edit] What do I do if I can't obtain IP address from my WiFi?

There are several workarounds, best is to turn off WiFi encryption.

[edit] Why does signing in to Google takes forever?

Skip google sign-up in the first tutorial instead, sign up/in google once in NITDroid.

[edit] How can I overclock NITDroid

1. You can download ready GUI's from the market for OCing:

NOTE: Recommended settings for Setcpu: Min:125 Max:805 Governor:Conservative

2. Or use one of these profiles:

[edit] Did I loose the ability to overclock Maemo by kernel-power?

For kernel-power multiboot entry:

NITDroid Auto-installer solved this issue.

[edit] My memory for apps is getting low, what can I do?

1. Here are custom EMMCs if you want to reflash:

5GB app memory 24GB /MyDocs:


8GB app memory 21GB /MyDocs:

2. Install by repartitioning

[edit] Can I use MMC as an SD Card on NITDroid?

You can follow one of these instuction:

[edit] Stability Issues?

NITDroid uses 500 1150 default CPU clock settings which can make some devices unstable. In Maemo, open Xterminal then:

mount /home /and
cp /and/etc/oc-profile-250-500 /and/etc/power.conf
leafpad /and/etc/power.conf

Then edit the kernel profile the way that suits you.