Maemo Summit 2008

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|  '''12:30'''  
|  '''12:30'''  
|  width="33%" | '''Nokia & Productivity Tools''', by TBD
|  width="33%" | '''Nokia & Productivity Tools''', by Miika Kuha
|  width="33%" | '''Packaging and publishing software'''
|  width="33%" | '''Packaging and publishing software'''
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Join the first Maemo Summit

Berlin, September 19-20 @ c-base - right after

Free registration - Who is attending

Know more about Nokia's Linux platform and its evolution. Meet the core team, 3rd party professional developers and key community contributors. Showcase and discuss your work. Learn, share, hack. And have fun!

The Open Source in Mobile World conference is an interesting venue to know more about the business and technical context of the Maemo platform. Nokia is active in this event and invites the Maemo community to join it. After the conference we propose the first Maemo Summit calling to all contributors.



The program is still open. The basic idea is to have few and well executed session plus plenty of free time and free-form activities. You can propose sessions and improvements in the discussion page.

The sessions and names are confirmed but the day/time they are scheduled might still change.

Friday 19

9:00 Opening doors
9:30 Welcome!, by Ari Jaaksi (VP - Maemo Software @ Nokia)
10:00 The outside view, by Jay Sullivan (Mozilla Corp.)
10:30 Hildon UI Vision, by Harri Kiljander (Director, User Experience - Maemo Software @ Nokia)
11:00 What Maemo users want, by Reggie Suplido (Internet Tablet Talk) and Krisse (Internet Tablet School)
11:30 What value can developers get out of Maemo, by Peter Schneider (Head of Product Marketing, Maemo Software @ Nokia)
12:00 Break.

Lightning sessions, 5 min each + up to 1 extra min of grace. No more, no less. More slots left. Lightning ideas are welcome too. List your proposal below keeping the format. Don't worry about how many sessions fit in this time slot, we will have an additional lightning session at 18h if there are more sessions proposed.

  1. liqbase, by Gary Birkett (lcuk)
  2. Converting videos on Linux using tablet-encode, by Andrew Flegg (Jaffa)
  3. Debian in a chroot on the tablet, demo by Alan Bruce (qole).
  4. Maemo Bug Jar: Origins, Results, and Future Plans, by Stephen Gadsby (sjgadsby).
  5. Reality or Vision? - The Nokia tablets for mobile and desktop use. LiveDemo/Presentation with USB2VGA Adapter, bluetooth anyremote control by Uwe Koch. (asys3).
  6. An Unofficial Guide to Creating a Most Excellent maemo User Interface, by Tim Samoff.
  7. ESBox and Pluthon Eclipse plugins: how to use Eclipse to develop Maemo applications, bye Andrea Grandi.
  8. Teaser: maemo development using Illumination by Tim Teulings.
  9. Cloud storage: Improve you app by syncing with internet services like Google Docs or Picasaweb by Eric Warnke
  10. Podcasts on NITs with gPodder and Panucci by Thomas Perl (thp)
14:00 Lunch!
15:00 BoF meetings & workshops (propose one)
Hildon, facilitated by (Nokia tbd) Open Open
16:00 Clutter, facilitated by Matthew Allum (OpenedHand) Open Open
17:00 Tracker, facilitated by (Nokia & others tbd). GStreamer, facilitated by (Nokia developer tbd). Connectivity, by Kalle Valo (Nokia).
18:00 Chill out.
  • Dinner, music, drinks tbd.
  • Dress code recommended: t-shirt with the logo of your choice. DISCLAIMER: can't be the winner logo. ;)

Saturday 20

I'm still working on a better way of scheduling this. Please feel free to email me or post on the discussion page if you have input. This is a work in progress, if you have good topic for community day I will find a way to schedule you in.

9:00 Opening doors and wlan.
9:30 after 100 Days, by Quim Gil (marketing manager, open source - Maemo Software @ Nokia)
10:00 Introducing the Maemo Community Council (assuming there is one), by the members.
10:30 "We are not the Users": The hate and love behind the custom User experiences on Maemo. My goal is to talk about why be so different, why we ran from GTK, what are the motivations to do things in a so different way, the drawbacks and benefits of custom user experiences and the most important law for us on interaction designer: We are not the users, and why we must look at the problem with their eyes, even when we think it's not as smart as we would do it (or we think we could do it). Also a little bit of how to combine designers and developers on a same team as we did with Canola, Carman and the future maemo projects coming from INDT. By Marcelo eduardo
11:00 BoF: Future of extras, by Niels (and Ed?)
11:30 Lightning sessions, 5 min each + up to 1 extra min of grace. No more, no less.
  1. mCalendar and mContact: advanced syncing with google services Benoît HERVIER
  2. Screencasing: x11vnc and pyvnc2swf bring visual documentation to users by Eric Warnke
  3. py2deb: packaging your app onboard using py2deb and extras autobuilder Benoît HERVIER
  4. Placeholder for Saturday sessions
12:00 Break
TRACKS Community/Discussion Development Core Platform
12:30 Nokia & Productivity Tools, by Miika Kuha Packaging and publishing software -
13:30 Mamona & Maemo: 2 way contribution (How to learn and grow up together), by Mamona developers from INdT. Rountable on porting application to and exploiting the advantages of the maemo platform. lead by anidel extras Package Cleanup Sprint
13:30 Building a Business on Maemo: At Frogmetrics we're building a real time customer feedback system on the Maemo platform. Come participate in a discussion about using tablets and the Maemo platform to build sustainable products and profitable businesses. Doug Petkanics Using mud-builder to build packages, by Jaffa. -
14:00 Lunch!
15:00 - Embedded Webapps Using webpy framework for on tablet web services by user:fpp DSP Programming: Introduction to DSP programming with examples of where and how, problems that might be met, how to use the DSP Gateway, data transfer, etc. Simon Pickering
15:30 "An Unofficial Guide to Creating a Most Excellent maemo User Interface": Help make it official! I'd like to open the doc up for community input and editing. Let's come together to create some truly "excellent" standards for dealing with user-centered UI design within the Maemo development community, by, Tim Samoff. Introduction To Telepathy: Components and use on the maemo platform. by Marco Barisione -
16:00 - Qt Maemo-Hildon Port & How to Develop Qt Application for the Maemo Platform, by Kate Alhola & Antonio Aloisio. Introduction to WebKit Come see WebKit's internals, 2 of its ports (Gtk and Qt) and why it is cool to hack. by Pierre-Luc Beaudoin (Collabora)
16:30 BoF session an idea for software that provides vector-based map data to maemo Mapper without compromising the existing raster-based design of Maemo Mapper. Soliciting feedback and developers for the project. by user:gnuite Introduction to Google Data API's: An introduction to Python gdata bindings that can allow for easy interaction between you app and Google services. by Eric Warnke -
17:00 Maemo 2010: Brainstorming session discussing current status / future desires for the Maemo platform. Where do we want to go in the next 24 months? What can we learn and share from other mobile platforms? Bring the whole community together to get input.
18:00 End.


The Maemo Summit is held in the headquarter of c-base and the contiguous eti Schauspielschule Berlin.

c-base is a non-profit association which has about 300 members. The purpose of this association is to increase knowledge and know-how regarding computer software, hardware and data networks (more). eti Berlin is a school of actors based in a building with several rooms and a total surface available of 1.200m2. The perfect mix, full of creativity!

See the videos.

c-base is in the very Mitte of Berlin. Map



It's the first Maemo Summit and it is good to know in advance who plans to attend, to fine tune practicalities and have enough space, connection, drinks, food.

Yes, the entrance is free. Registration is still requested for planning purposes.


See when people are arriving in and leaving Berlin.

Apparently there are options as affordable as 20€ including taxes from Stansted! Share your travel tips from different locations.


See Maemo Summit 2008/Accommodation.

Sponsoring community contributors

See Maemo Summit 2008/Sponsorship.

Maemo in the OSiM program

See Maemo in OSiM World 2008.


See Maemo_Summit_2008/Organization. Volunteers needed!


Feel free to share/spread/forward/email...