Applications you wish were ported from other platforms

Please list all those apps from other platforms (Symbian, Palm, iPhone, Java etc.) you can't live without, and you wish were available on your new maemo convergence device.

Please list the product name here, also including the operating system, the developer's site (if you know it), and a brief summary of the functionality.

You should include only already existing apps which are today available for other mainstream pocketable devices, not generic "rants" for some generic fancy functionality, or applications meant for desktop computers. This way, we can keep high the signal-to-noise ratio and maybe select a number of developers we should convince to work on the new maemo platform.

Note: See the community wish-list for more general software requests.


[edit] Closed Source

[edit] Communication

Application Description Current platforms
BlackBerry Connect/Messenger connect to Blackberry services from non-Blackberry devices Symbian
Blacklist an application which blocks calls and SMSs from all the numbers in a black list. Optionally it should also be able to send custom messages when a blocked number calls or sends an SMS Symbian
Business Card Reader scans business cards using camera and populates an addressbook entry automatically Symbian
Call Recorder a call recording application with rules for saving conversations for incoming/outgoing calls from known/unknown numbers. It should be able to record call automatically or manually by pressing a button. Recaller is a possible solution in extras (download page) Symbian
Extend Log Extend the possibilities of the built-in Log. It also gives you much more possibilities, especially by enabling current cost calculations. Extended Log contains two independent modules: Reports and Billing scheme. Symbian
Gravity THE Twitter App for S60. Witter or Mauku are possible solutions, in extras. Symbian
Handy Safe Pro password and others manager, also with PC versions for backup/easy maintenance. Possible solutions are Password Safe in extras and Portabase in extras-testing Symbian
Shake SMS deals with SMS and Phone Lock using the Accelerometers technology, to make you use the phone in an easier way! Symbian
Skebby send sms messages at low prices or for free. Possible solutions are Www2sms in extras-testing and Web2SMS in extras-devel Symbian
Sms spammanager blocks sms without giving a signal of the reciving sms, no notification of a new sms. Criteria for blocking is a phonenumber or a word recognizer (case intensive). The sms are not deleted, they are only moved inside the program, so it may be everytime checked if there is a sms which does not belong there. Symbian
SMS Timer an application which sends SMSs at a time scheduled earlier Symbian
Teamspeak 3 communication system Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
TruPhone send SMS at low price and allow cheap VoIP calls (at better than standard SIP quality Symbian
Viber Free calls, text and picture sharing Symbian, iOS, Android, WP, Blackberry, Bada
WhatsApp cross-platform mobile messenger that replaces SMS which uses internet data iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian

[edit] Education and Reference

Application Description Current platforms
Pleco Chinese dictionary and tools iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm
Wenlin Chinese wordprocessor and dictionary Windows Mobile
Watchtower Library Bible research library (JW publications) Windows Mobile

[edit] Games

Application Description Current platforms
N Game Be warned, N is a highly addictive, sometimes very frustrating game Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Spheres of Chaos insane asteroids clone Linux, Windows
LiquidWar6 replacement of LiquidWar5 in maemo Desktop PC
Aquaria Open-Sourced cross-platform 2D underwater Adventure iOS, PSP, OpenGL
Stick Cricket Chart-topping… Award-winning… GDP-reducing… Need we say more? Stick Cricket, the world's most popular cricket game iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android

[edit] Multimedia

Application Description Current platforms
TTPod Musicplayer Java-based musicplayer for symbian with many posibilitys. Symbian
Amazon MP3 mobile App to buy and manage mp3 downloads from Amazon MP3 store iPhone, Android
Audials mobile searches for author or genre, leeches MP3 files from online social radios Symbian
Audiosurf a music-adapting puzzle racer where one uses their own music collection to create their own experience. The shape, speed, and mood of each race is determined by the chosen song Windows
Coreplayer Multimedia playback Symbian, Symbian UIQ, Windows Mobile, Palm, WinCE
Gforce open source version of GForce visualization plugin. Only old libvisual plugin available. Portability unknown Linux
libvisual portable visualization abstraction layer for *NIX. Portable to ARMEL. May not support PA Linux
Midomi audio recognition software akin to Shazam ID but can also recognise from humming/singing Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android
projectM port of Winamp Milkdrop, uses OpenGL. Portable to ARMEL Linux
Spotify client Client for streaming music from Spotify service. (Qtify is available from Extras-devel repo) Android, iPhone, Symbian
Shazam ID listens to music and recognizes author and title Symbian, Iphone, Blackberry, Android

[edit] Location Aware

Applications Description Current platforms
AroundMe Based on your location, shows shops, services, facilities etc. Can even search for a specific item and will show you the ones closest to you. Also integrates with maps/GPS for directions to get there. A partial solution is Casual Services in extras iPhone
BuddyCloud enables users to broadcast their personality and their location to friends and find location specific information Symbian
CoPilot GPS navigation system. A solution is Sygic Mobile Maps: 1-week free demo version of application and maps is available on Ovi Store, full version can be purchased from company website. Symbian, iPhone, Android
Garmin GPS navigation system. A solution is Sygic Mobile Maps: 1-week free demo version of application and maps is available on Ovi Store, full version can be purchased from company website. Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry
GeoLives Topographic mapping and offroad navigation GPS Symbian, Windows Mobile
Google maps for mobile maps application with points-of-interest taken from the Google search engine Symbian, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, WebOS, Java MIDP, Windows Mobile
Locale Location based profile settings for phone (specific locations trigger events for ringtone, volume, brightness, GPS/Wifi/Blutooth to be on off) Android
OVI Maps GPS navigation system (exists but with reduced feature set) Symbian
Route66 Maps GPS door-to-door navigation. A solution is Sygic Mobile Maps: 1-week free demo version of application and maps is available on Ovi Store, full version can be purchased from company website. Symbian, Windows Mobile
TomTom Navigator GPS door-to-door navigation with accurate maps and spoken instructions. A solution is Sygic Mobile Maps: 1-week free demo version of application and maps is available on Ovi Store, full version can be purchased from company website. Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone
Trapster Speed camera tracking and warning Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android, WebOS
ViewRanger Topographic mapping and offroad navigation GPS Symbian
Waze crowd sourced mapping & traffic alerts, navigation and location based pac-man like game Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android
WorldMate Travel information Symbian, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile

[edit] Sports/Exercise

Application Description Current platforms
iGolf Scorer An application dedicated to Golfers Symbian
RunKeeper tracks running through GPS. A possible solution is eCoach in extras. iPhone
SportsTracker GPS based activity tracker. A possible solution is eCoach in extras. Symbian
StepCounter Counts your steps, determines the distance you have covered and your energy expenditure, records data. Symbian
Wellness Diary Monitor and track a ranger of health related parameters Symbian

[edit] Misc

Application Description Current platforms
ABBYY Lingvo Mobile multilingual translation dictionary for mobile devices Symbian, Windows Mobile
Aka Aki a social mobile network using bluetooth iPhone
Amazon Mobile ebook reader for Amazon books iPhone
Automatic profile switcher the profile, theme, wallpaper, audio and all user customizable content can be set automatically based on user location(gps/GSM cell id), time, calendar entry, etc. Symbian
Birthday Reminder an application that helps organizing and viewing birthdays and anniversaries in a handy way: monthly view of anniversaries found in Contacts applications. It also puts an appointment in the native calendar and sends greeting automaticaly(if user wishes so) Symbian
Device Lock Mobile security - restrict access to apps, secure data storage, remotely lock/wipe data Symbian
Epocrates medical drug reference WebOS, Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry
Expense Tracker an application to track day-to-day expenses. It should also give nice reports of all the expenses Symbian
Getting Things Done like ominfocus - with sync capabilities (at least with) the N900 calendar application iPhone, Mac OS X
Lingvosoft PhraseBook Arabic-English multilingual translation Pharasebooks and Dictionaries. an excellent keep for travelers Blackberry, Windows Mobile
Mode Switch changes active standby (shortcuts not necessary!), themes and maybe also display light brightness, gsm alerting profile, im status and so on Symbian
Mobile Web Server makes your device accessible on the Internet. You can access phone features and data via a browser and share your life through a personalized mobsite Symbian
Panoman (dead link) Make and view panorama images with phone. Company bought by Nokia. A possible solution si Morpho QuickPanorama: both free trial and paid Pro version are available on Ovi Store. Symbian
Pulse News news reading application that changes your favorite websites into an attractive mosaic of info. Android, iPhone
REV reads information straight from the OBD-II port on your car and displays it on your iPhone. Rev can display things like vehicle speed, RPM, fuel consumption, calculated engine load, and a host of other parameters. You'll even be able to check and reset engine and error codes. iPhone
StockWatch financial app to monitor a list of user defined stocks and portfolio's and all financial graphs and data associated with the said stocks. StockThis in extras is a possible solution iPhone
T9 Nav find anything on mobile device instantly Symbian
Vlingo control mobile phone by voice Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone
WaveSecure allows remote backup, tracking and locking of a stolen phone Symbian
Stanza ebook reader able toread many ebook format. A possible solution is FBReader in extras iPhone
SPB shell mobileshell Windows Mobile (touchscreens),Symbian
SPB weather weather forecast

Windows Mobile (touchscreens),Symbian

Unity3D a plugin for displaying 3d content

Windows / MacOS

Agendus a real usable calendar application

PalmOS, iOS

Pimlical a real usable calendar application with SyncML or Activesync

PalmOS, Android

[edit] Open Source

Insert here, instead, those free and open-source application you wish on your maemo 5 device. Being non commercial software, with source available, they might be more straightforward to port, needing only (!) good-will, time and energy.

[edit] Office

Application Description Current platforms
BasKet Note Pads A powerful Outliner with which you can organize all your notes easily. Linux
GIMP GNU image manipulation program. Preinstalled within Easy Debian in extras. Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Inkscape scalable vector graphics editor. It can be installed within Easy Debian in extras. Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Lyx excellent word processor, well suited to use with a small screen. Uses Qt toolkit, so should be a straightforward port. Linux, Mac OS X, Windows open-source, free office suite. Already available for armel architecture in Debian. Preinstalled within Easy Debian in extras. Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Siag Office tightly integrated, free office package Linux

[edit] Communication

Application Description Current platforms
Cabbage Send free txts via SMS. Irish only and Java, so unsure if it should be here, but a more sophisticated version would be nice. WebTexter is based on Cabbage Java
mcleaner SMS and phone call blacklisting Symbian, iPhone
TextSecure Send and recieve encrypted SMS messages via OTR Android
microblog-purple microblogging support for libpurble clients, for example Pidgin Linux, Windows
Telegram Messenger Cross-platform community driven instant-messenger. A libpurple based plugin is available. A ported version of the Android client would be heavily appreciated Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X

[edit] Games

Application Description Current platforms
Angband Nethack-like Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Armegatron advanced a tron clone in 3D Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Bub's Brothers Bubble Bobble clone Linux
Eboard Chess board interface to ICS (Internet Chess Servers) like FICS and to chess engines like GNU Chess, Sjeng and Crafty Linux, Diablo
Exult Game engine An engine for Ultima 7 BlackGate and SerpentIsle, also available for symbian from Linux, Windows, Symbian
FreeCNC / FreeRA Free and open source engines for Command and Conquer and Red Alert. OpenRedAlert is a fork of FreeRA and a preliminary (rather unstable) version for N900 is available. Installation instructions here. Note: the original Red Alert has been released as freeware in 2008, so it is legal to use the original game files. Linux, Windows
FlightGear Free open source flight simulator Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris, sgi, FreeBSD
FreeSynd A critically-acclaimed RPG with online play Linux, Windows
Frets on Fire Free open source variant on Guitar Hero Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Hedgewars Worms clone. Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Neverball Similar game to Bounce, excellent graphics and very nice levels. IN PROGRESS Linux
Quake 1 - not fully open source but ported on as many platforms as it gets. Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Symbian
Rocks 'n' diamonds Boulderdash clone Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Scid Chess database application Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Wargus / Stratagus Wargus is a Warcraft2 Mod that allows you to play Warcraft2 (original DOS version required) with the Stratagus engine, also available for symbian from IN PROGRESS, in extras-devel Linux, Windows, Symbian

[edit] Misc

Application Description Current platforms
Aeskulap radiology viewer (or any other that works, for that matter) Linux, Windows
Alexandria Book collection manager Linux
Blender 3D modelling Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
dooble web browser Linux, Mac OS X, Windows (and any ARMEL platform, including N900 and untested iPhone)
Freemind Mind-mapping application Java
GCStar collection management Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Gourmet recipe manager recipe manager. Pyrecipe is a good alternative Linux, Windows
hpcalc HP Calculator (HP-11c Scientific, HP-15c Scientific, HP-12c Financial, HP-16c Programmer) Emulator Iphone
Hour Power speaks the current time (see Ovi). An alternative: eSpeaktime Symbian
Hugin Panorama photo stitcher, With Hugin you can assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete immersive panorama, stitch any series of overlapping pictures and much more. Check the Panorama application, available in the Ovi Store Linux
Java virtual machine for running Java applications. IcedTea6 version of the OpenJDK is available in extras. Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, others
J2ME virtual machine for running 'mobile' (actually micro) edition Java applications. MicroEmulator is available in extras-testing.
Musicbrainz Picard MP3 tagger Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
PulseAudio Equalizer provides system-wide equalizer via PA Linux
PuppyBasic BASIC programming language Linux
Pyjamas write your own AJAX framework Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Quantum GIS geographic information system Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
Remuco-Client duplex remote control system for Linux media players and mobile phones equipped with Bluetooth or WiFi Java
Shuffle Android GTD application, similar to OmniFocus Android
Task Coach task management Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, iPhone
Tellico Collection manager, books, videos, etc. Linux
TrueCrypt Cross platform Disk Encryption, allows encrypted containers or partitions. Command-line port exists, GUI port wanted Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
x48 HP 48 calculator emulator Linux
xoscope digital oscilloscope Linux
Petittrack A great free/OSS satellite prediction and sky tracking application using NASA TLE elements, designed for handhelds. used mostly for portable amateur radio satellite communications Trolltech Linux, Sharp Zaurus QTopia