Image:Ambox_notice.png no longer has a Nokia-sponsored Debmaster as of June 2010. As of 2017, user merlin1991 @ freenode#maemo is the fremantle debmaster in charge

[edit] Role and responsibilities

The debmaster is a unique role in Free Software. The debmaster facilitates the packaging and integration of software with using the debian format and tools. This allows to use the vast collection of existing software in Debian for the Maemo community.

Specifically the debmaster:

  • Works with developers who want to submit their software to's repositories.
  • Provides documentation on Debian's deb format and the various files in a package.
  • Helps develop a toolset, based on Debian tools but modified for Maemo.
  • Co-operates with upstream (Debian) and downstream (users) as well as sidestream (Nokia).
  • Maintains an open communication channel with the community using the various community channels: #maemo, ITt (, mailing lists, wiki, etc.
  • Works with Nokia and the Community Council to develop and define packaging policy.
  • Suggests innovations and developments of the Maemo packaging format.

The debmaster is both a member of the community and works for the community directly, hopefully bringing to bear experience from Debian packaging which will benefit Maemo packaging. The debmaster should work as closely as possible with the council so that the views of the community are foremost on the debmaster's list of tasks. These tasks should be reported in a manner consistent with accountability and transparency, so the community can guide the debmaster and be assured that the debmaster's contributions are relevant to the community.

[edit] Contacting the debmaster

Ideally there would be an email address called debmaster at - but that does not yet exist. The debmaster should also often be on IRC in #maemo, and on the community mailing lists

[edit] Previous debmaster

The debmaster was Jeremiah Foster. He no longer works in that capacity but is willing to help as bandwidth permits.