MADDE/Qt extended example

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[edit] Complete Qt-example with MADDE

This guide describes how the set-up, implementation and packaging of a more complex example works in MADDE. There exists a pretty technical description of how to package a Qt application. This guide follows this description and shows with an example, how that would work in practice. In this guide you will see:

  • description of how to start developing for Maemo5 with Qt
  • extended application example
  • description of how the packaging process works in MADDE
  • usage of qmake as a basis
  • links to further documentation


Nice to have:

[edit] Description

The idea of the example application is to create a list of files, which can be opened according to their MIME-types, by the correct application. The goal is to combine some different use-cases in a single example. It should explain how to:

  • create a project and UI with QtCreator
  • use of slots and signals with QPushButtons
  • add non-Qt libraries to a project
  • test the project on device
  • prepare the package using MADDE
  • package the application
  • upload to extras-devel

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