Miniature/0.4 De Lucena

A smothered mate as explained in De Lucena's book Repetición de Amores y Arte de Ajedrez con CI Iuegos de Partido (1497)

2011-09-13 - Miniature finally plays real chess online! You might find rough corners and room for improvement but the basics are in place. This is why we have decided to call this release after Luis Ramírez de Lucena who, without being apparently a great master, had the patience to document the modern rules of chess at their birth five centuries ago.

Now users can login to (aka FICS) as guests or registered users and send / take challenges to & from other players. This already fulfills the needs of many, but those expecting even more fun will be happy to know that chatting with your opponent is also supported.

We are aiming to publish this version in the Ovi Store for the Nokia N9 and N950. Packages ready for other Qt enabled OSs are welcome!


  1. Open the browser of your Nokia N9 / N950.
  2. Tap on
  3. Accept the download and installation of the package.

That's it! The Miniature icon will appear in the application grid of your device.


  • Select and confirm game challenges.
  • Create a new game seek.
  • Play with online opponents with all chess rules in place.
  • Have a chat with your opponent while playing.

See Miniature/0.3_Berlin_Defence to check previously implemented features. The full changelog is available at


no bugzilla tickets were found

There are some known issues. Your feedback is welcome if you want to report problems or enhancement requests. We will work on them for Miniature 0.5.


Let us know your impressions on Miniature. And if you want more, there is more for anybody willing to test and contribute new releases. This is just the beginning!

The Miniature Team