[edit] What is PyMaemo?

The PyMaemo (Python for Maemo) project maintains a set of packages necessary to run and develop Python applications on the Maemo platform.

[edit] Supported Software

We currently maintain support for the python interpreter, bindings and a few applications in the Maemo platform. A detailed list can be found in PyMaemo/Components.

[edit] Screenshots

Main article: PyMaemo/Screenshots

[edit] Software written using PyMaemo

Main article: PyMaemo/Statistics

[edit] Documentation

[edit] Tutorials

[edit] mikec's "30 minutes" series

[edit] Examples

[edit] Manuals and References

[edit] In progress documentation

This section contains links to documentation that is still being written.

[edit] Ye Olde Documentation

This section contains documentation that hasn't been updated to Maemo 5 (Fremantle) era.

[edit] Using it