Task:3rd party bug tracking in bugs.maemo.org

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This task is part of Objective:One place to track feedback.

Fitting with the intent of the Task:Maemo brand change-up, this is a proposal to migrate Garage bug tracking into the maemo.org bugzilla. This task is a still in the proposal stage, with many details still to be determined before work can begin.


[edit] Proposal

That the Garage bug tracking system be disabled for all new projects, a system for tracking Garage project bugs in bugzilla be put together, and existing Garage project tracking be migrated to it.

As anybody who has ever tried to use the Garage bug tracker knows, it is a very difficult system to work with—it is difficult to submit bugs, it is difficult to find bugs, and it is difficult to track bugs, and should be closed down and disabled asap. The recent Maemo branding changes and maemo.org moving into community hands presents us with a good opportunity to do away with the Garage tracker and moved Garage project bug tracking into a centralized Maemo tracking system—bugzilla.

[edit] Objectives

  • To move away from the difficult to navigate, manage and use Garage tracking system to the much saner bugzilla.
  • Provide a centralized bug tracking system for both Maemo and Maemo-related projects in Garage.
  • Encourage Garage project quality by reducing bug tracking overhead, and encouraging user bug reporting.

[edit] Implementation issues

There are a number of specific issues with the implementation of this change that need to be worked out.

[edit] Bugzilla

  • Classification setup needs to be figured out (Garage, Maemo Software, Nokia?)
  • Process for creating new Garage project products in Bugzilla
    • Component structure
    • Default assignee policy
    • Can this be automated safely or does it have to be done by hand?
  • Templates need to be looked at figure out what should be displayed when creating a new bug.

[edit] New bug submission template

The Maemo Software, Nokia, and Website stuff should be front and foremost, particularly when submitting new bugs. The new bug template should probably be revised to look something like this.

A new, simplified screen should also be created for creating bugs to dramatically lower the barrier to entry. The number of fields should be the minimum possible. A core set would include:

  • Summary
  • Description
  • Component (mapping to garage project? what if a single project has multiple apps, e.g. [tablet-encode] and mediaserv?)
  • Version (come from versions released on downloads.maemo.org or file releases in garage or owner-definable?)
  • Priority (possibly named "impact")

User's confronted with the current Bugzilla form (containing fields not intended for reporters to set, internal alias fields and all manner of other confusing elements) is such a disincentive to report bugs.

[edit] Garage

  • Can the Garage tracker be disabled?
    • There will probably be some projects that still wish to use the Garage tracker (namely, the 770 backport stuff), can it be left in place for just these projects and disabled for existing projects that wish to use bugzilla?
  • How tightly integrated can the Garage project page be with bugzilla? Can the tracker entry on the project front-page show bugzilla bug status?
  • Should there be a barrier to entry for Bugzilla tracking to keep clutter down?
    • qgil came up with the perfect answer to this on bug #630—Extras! Though there will have to be some other metric for non-tablet software.
      • Beta/stable quality and complete page at http://maemo.org/downloads/PC/ ? --qgil 19:56, 15 July 2008 (UTC)
        • Beta/stable quality and complete page in http://maemo.org/downloads/ should also be a requirement for anything in Extras as well. Only things in /PC/ can bypass the Extras requirement. Sounds good to me. --Jaffa 22:52, 18 July 2008 (UTC)