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This group is intended to act as a focusing point for, in the immediate term, the midgard to mediawiki migration and, in the long term, as a centralized organization point for all maemowiki-related improvement efforts.

Right now, the primary goal of this group is to assist with cleaning up the fallout of midgard to mediawiki move by putting together a strong framework (templates, categorization, etc) for moving forward with a well organized and useful maemowiki, and bringing all of the ex-midgard wikipages up to the higher quality standards of the new mediawiki.



This is a summary of the group's current tasks. This list will be refined and expanded over the next few weeks as we determine the correct scope and focus, and pound out the details of this work.

  • Get the word out.
  • Bring in people to help with the group's projects and begin defining task forces with certain realms of responsibility.


Main article: MAG:Templates

  • Put together a set of templates to assist in the categorization, tagging and expansion of articles, and help maintain a uniform style and format across the wiki.
  • Set up a template reference page.
  • Categorize all templates.


Main article: MAG:Categorization

  • Begin defining clear categories for the organization of articles.
  • Place articles into the correct categories.
  • Put together an categorical index.

Midgard migration

  • Get the old midgard articles up to speed for the mediawiki.
  • Bring their style, format and syntax inline with mediawiki.
  • Update their content to be relevant for the latest maemo and Internet Tablet OS releases.


New members should simply add their name to the bottom of the list and jump right into the project.

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