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[edit] December 2009 Sprint planning

[edit] Tasks

Ongoing tasks carried here from the previous sprint + New tasks committed by their owners in the sprint meeting. They come from the tasks in the Backlog and the Proposals.

Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed
Task ID Task Sprint priority Owner Percentage complete Notes
9.08-12 Improve reporting feed appearance on sprint page Must Ferenc 100% {Jaffa} Done - see below. {Ferenc} Many thanks Jaffa!!
9.09-01 Push packaging policy updates Must X-Fade, danielwilms 60% Unfortunately more changes needed than expected, not completed yet
9.10-07 Server migration Must Ferenc 30% Two servers have been moved completely. The SMTP switch over including the mailing list server are done. Next is switching and garage. Linked to ISP move.
9.11-01 Refresh intro Must qgil 0% See Talk thread and Josefdk wiki proposal
9.11-02 Maemo Greeters program Must texrat 100% Pilot started: Very quick engagement by members, better than expected. Ideas coming fast and furious! A Greeters page has been started by member smarsh and slowly being expanded: . Some refining left to be done; will create new subtask.
9.11-03 Get a decision on Developers should get karma based on the relevance of their software Must VDVsx DONE Discussion. Need to be implement and further discussed along with the other karma changes, remaining bits will be carry into the next sprint in a new task.
9.11-04 Openness data; web site containing the various status of openness of packages and components in the maemo OS Must Stskeeps 99% Almost done, will publish when polished.
9.11-05 Starting to work on a open sourcing queue Must Stskeeps 70% Edited Why_the_closed_packages and began blog series to improve open sourcing process.
9.11-06 Help out the SSU team to get them started Must Stskeeps 70% Spent time with TI drivers to get those proper and discussions about how in practice to implement a SSU. TI drivers now mostly work, waiting for TI to release a shrinkwrap package. Helped jeremiah bootstrap SSU repositories.
9.11-07 Mer 0.17 release and facilitating Maemo on non-N900 OMAP3 boards (beagle, etc) Must Stskeeps 95% Mer 0.17 release a bit delayed due to various technical issues. Beagle and Zoom2 ports work but got set back by the new SDK.
9.11-08 No orphaned pages and revise Wiki navigation Must dneary 30% See Wiki gardeners page for precise details, and Special:Lonelypages for progress.
9.11-10 Integrate ITP database with general package database Must jeremiah 100% Also changed the style somewhat so that it looks good on the N900 :)
9.11-11 Install and test reprepro on new infrastructure Must jeremiah 100% Installed reprepro and dependencies. Able to import packages manually as debs, automatically through inoticoming. Later I'll work with Ed and X-Fade tosee if I can pull in new packages via NFS to the builder.
9.12-1 Working bugzilla 3.4, migration path notes Must Andre, Karsten 70% Making progress, some lagging due to new infra (which is very good in the long run).
9.12-2 SSO: Testing/deployment user-management backend Must indeyets 90% Backend passes internal tests. Can create/get/edit users from command line client
9.11-3 Maemo event flyer (initial) Must texrat 90% Several drafts completed. Excellent feedback provided by Tim Samoff and Vaino Vallina. Continual progress made. Hope to have preliminary flyers for distribution at local (Dallas) linux user event 9 January 2010.
9.11-4 CLI application icon for HAM Must timsamoff 80%
  • Sent first version to -community and -developers mailing lists:
  • Will increase or decrease % based on community feedback.
  • A second version was sent to the list, but receive very little feedback.
  • I don't know if a full icon is required, or just a "badge."
  • First use of the new CLI icon:
  • Need final feedback and final approval.
9.09-10 Implement SSO sync-API endpoint for garage Should danielwilms 80% implemented new server instance for midgard account-sync, cas change from ldap to MySQL, certificates in place for endpoint-sync
9.10-13 Distribute 'Fixed In Fremantle' shirts to contributors that didn't make it to the Summit Should qgil 0% started
9.10-14 Create a RFP (Request for Packaging) interface just like the ITP Should jeremiah 80%
9.10-15 Prepare a Bugday Should andre 100% Updated & restructured Bugsquad wikipage. 2009-11-30: Greasemonkey script published; asked for defining a Bugday date (Doodle) on the community mailing list. 2009-12-02: Set up Bugday wikisubpage, split "Potential tasks" into "Recurring" and "Others" and move it to its own subpage, and link to it from Bugdays and Triage Guide. 2009-12-07: Announce final date everywhere (planet, forum, mailing lists) & introduce wazd's cool Bugsquad logo. Hence DONE. 2009-12-15: Have our first Bugday. Bonus points for volunteers or Andre in case of providing a video screencast that introduces new people into triaging. See Ubuntu example.
9.12-5 BMO: custom features backport, Nokia patches Should Andre, Karsten 0%
9.12-6 SSO: midgard syncing with usermanagement-server Should indeyets 30%
9.10-09 Prototype Could dneary 0% No progress - vacation & wiki clean-up got in the way.
9.10-10 Add extra info fields from control files to interface - Changelog Could X-Fade 0%
9.11-16 Update Fremantle roadmap Could qgil 0%
9.11-17 Implement new UI for the application-downloader Could danielwilms, wazd 60% changes in REST-API done, now completing UI changes
9.12-7 BMO: CSS, style Should Andre, Karsten 0%

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