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What is Maemo?

Maemo is an open source community developing software around the Maemo platform. Maemo has over 18.000 members that contribute to more than 600 development projects. We work with open source tools and processes. We develop new software for both the platform itself and on top of the platform. Applications developed with the Maemo SDK are used today by thousands of consumers.

Maemo is a software platform that is based on open source code and powers mobile devices such as the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. Maemo platform has been developed by Nokia in collaboration with many open source projects such as the Linux kernel, Debian, Qt, GNOME, and many more.

If you have questions or would like to see what we think is most relevant for you to know first, look on our new users page. There's also a Maemo5 101 page to help you get started.

Wondering what Maemo actually looks like? The Maemo UI team have posted some excellent video walkthroughs.

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The Maemo Community

Maemo is a community of people working together to make better mobile technology through open source. We are inclusive and welcoming; when you started reading this page, we already considered you one of us, so get involved.

Come and say hi on our forums, or join us on our mailing lists. Maemo has a Community-elected Council chosen to represent our opinions and positions.

For Developers

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Developing on and for the Maemo platform is straightforward; most newcomers to Maemo platform development will be up and running in an hour or two.

Once you have the Maemo SDK installed, the Developer Guide is a great initial starting point. We also maintain a platform cross-reference.

When you've got a taste of Maemo platform, you'll have a better sense of what specifically you'd like to do next and the Developer Portal will be the place for you.

Maemo platform based on and extends on a lot of the best open source has to offer.

You can see what others are coding on and contribute your own code at garage.

Community Quote of the Day

"Up yours Jayonthabeat! You're a sissy for staying away." - texrat, esteemed Community Council representative