Sprints/November 08


[edit] November 2008 Sprint planning

[edit] Tasks

Ongoing tasks carried here from the previous sprint + New tasks committed by their owners in the sprint meeting. They come from the tasks in the Backlog and the Proposals.

Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed
Committed Task Owner  % Highlights
2008-08-12 Better organization of components: Sort out last unclear issues, come up with implementation plan Andre 70% Draft available at Talk:Task:Getting Nokia involved in, implementation planned for Saturday 6 of December
2008-09-02 Task:Fast Server Tero DONE Ragnaroek upgrade done, new DB server in place, static file server up
2008-09-02 ITT app catalog feeds Henri 60% Matched existing XML feeds to requested ones, working on docs and missing features
2008-09-30 Who and how works on the design Dave DONE Work method defined, designs in progress, should be competely agreed by the end of the month.
2008-09-30 Finalise layout for Dave 30% Proposal exists, wireframe exists, needs some design work from INdT.
2008-09-30 Task:Reducing number of external repositories Niels 40% Contacted most owners. Had a lot of positive responses, but need to gently push most of them again..
2008-09-30 Define and publish first Feature Jar for the community and Nokia product managers Andre 80% See this email - second iteration planned after Bugzilla reorganization
2008-09-30 Task:Open Source Proof Points Quim 5% Nothing done in this sprint, sigh.
2008-11-04 Karma for applications Hirvinen 0%
2008-11-04 Finalise design & stylesheets for Dave 50% Design proposals converging on something good.
2008-11-04 Finalise layout for Dave & Tim 0% No-one working on this right now.
2008-11-04 Finalise layout for Dave & Tim 0% No-one working on this right now.
2008-11-04 Task:Packaging policy proposed changes Ryan DONE This one may end up blocked waiting for Application Manager to be updated (policy follows tools), but it's been pushed to the appropriate people, so probably out of my hands.
2008-11-04 Task:Document the Sprint procedure Ryan DONE I'm satisfied, if anybody wants more, let me know.
2008-11-04 Task:Define voting procedure for Community Council elections Ryan DONE Benson really helped out and put together an outline on the wiki. The procedure is defined, now we'll just have to look at voting software and perhaps some additional specifics.
2008-11-04 Task:Texts for Quim 20% Drafted the "Open Source" part, but need to complete out of this sprint.
2008-11-04 Task:Collaboration infrastructure for a single project (e.g. Application Manager) etrunko 0%
2008-11-04 Define what is needed to get git up on Tero 80% Talk page up at Git for garage, Plans up at Git For Garage. 80% because discussion still takes place. But nothing stopping from moving ahead.

[edit] Bugs in product Website

The bugs assigned in the last sprint meeting are marked as HIGH. The bugs proposed for the next sprint are marked as MEDIUM. Only product/component maintainers can change this status. Comment on a bug if you want to push it up. Check also those marked as EASYFIX.

What follows are the bugs that need special attention/progress.

For the record:

IDSeverityProductStatusResolutionSummary (8 tasks) Assignee WebsiteNEWComments on should automatically contain version numberAslan Venejoki WebsiteNEWVisualize rating creation date and related software versionHenri Bergius WebsiteRESOLVEDFIXEDneed a way to unburyHenri Bergius WebsiteRESOLVEDFIXEDAdd RSS feeds to community portalFerenc Szekely WebsiteRESOLVEDFIXEDDeveloper documentation portal needs revisionDave Neary WebsiteRESOLVEDWONTFIXExplicit feedback channelsTero Kojo WebsiteRESOLVEDFIXEDReorganizing components in BugzillaAndre Klapper WebsiteNEWList Maemo Bugzilla code changes, upstream backports & customizationsunassigned

[edit] Activity log

Latest activity report goes on top.

Wednesday 2008-12-03
  • Quim
    • Past days: A lot of internal work (mainly SDK release related but also, Fremantle Stars, involvement, drivers, variants and community translations. Took part in discussion. Stirred discussion outside & inside about preferred tool for brainstorm. No progress in my committed tasks, sorry.
    • Today: Attending first development meeting as plain contributor. :)
  • Andre
    • Yesterdays: cleaning up and triaging old bugs, internal weekly report, talk with Stefano & Karsten about server part of this weekend's Reorg
    • Today: cleaning up and triaging old bugs, creating/preparing products for Bugzilla reorg, maemo irc team meeting
Tuesday 2008-12-02
  • Bergie
    • Yesterday: Fixed attachment cache
    • Today: Missing XML feeds from application catalogue for ITT integration
Monday 2008-12-01
  • Hirvinen
    • Today: fi.hut.htmlimport-latex2html maemo docs integration: ready for testing by Nokia
Friday 2008-11-28
  • Dave
    • Since last update: Continue work on- and off-list on website redesign. Very useful IRC meeting to get people back on track. Good progress on design discussions, and fast approaching something final. Tim has been an amazing help.
    • Today: Finally upgraded my N810 to Diablo, and installed a Scratchbox environment on my laptop. Mailing list, respond to recent design discussions, follow up off-list with people to make sure we're all on the same page.
    • Apologies for the lack of updates - I have gotten out of the habit recently.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Did some bugfixing/triaging and a lot of random small tasks.
    • Today: Only available in the morning, following up on a lot of little things...
  • Hirvinen
    • Today: fi.hut.htmlimport-latex2html maemo docs integration
Thursday 2008-11-27
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: Cleaning up old bugs, lots of mail, some tests for Bugzilla Reorg
    • Today: Work on preparing Bugzilla Reorg.
    • Tomorrow: Off (holiday).
Wednesday 2008-11-26
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: worked on logging, did a lot of bug hunting/fixing.
    • Today: work on some website bugs and work on autobuilder improvements.
  • Emilia
    • Today: work on html-import tool documentation, taking screenshots. Waiting for final comments.
  • Hirvinen
    • Today: fi.hut.htmlimport-latex2html maemo docs integration
Tuesday 2008-11-25
  • Ryan
    • Past weeks: Mer stuff, Canola in Bugzilla, category stuff, other stuff I don't remember. ;)
    • Today: Thinking up random stuff to make Niels fix :P, finally using the council blog for what it was supposed to be used for.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Fixed wiki issues by removing squid setup. Fixed cron issues, random bug fixes. Extras user support.
    • Today: Look at logging for servers, look at autobuilder improvements, issues GA tends to throw at me :)
  • Bergie
    • Today: Improvements with URL handling, feeds, other things with Niels
  • Hirvinen
    • Today: fi.hut.htmlimport-latex2html maemo docs integration
Monday 2008-11-24
  • Andre
    • Last days: Triaging old bugs, fixed some Bugzilla bugs in SVN, a few preparations for Bugzilla Reorg
    • Today: Forward some older bugs, some tests for Bugzilla Reorg, internal report (improve & write, actually)
  • Niels
    • last few days: Worked on stability, performance improvements, bug fixes. Enabled for static files like stylesheets,javascript and images. Helped developer with stability issues in his app.
    • today: Add support for attachments too. Work on cron issues. Look at removing squid in front of this wiki.
    • problems: It seems that if I stop reporting activity because of a busy schedule, everybody else does too ;)
  • Emilia (Nemein)
    • Today: found out how HTML-import tool should work, asked which kind of user manual / documentation I should provide. Wrote 2 drafts of the manual and sent them to Jarmo Tikka to get comments.
  • Hirvinen
    • Today: fi.hut.htmlimport-latex2html maemo docs integration
Friday 2008-11-21
  • Hirvinen
    • Today: fi.hut.htmlimport-latex2html maemo docs integration, mailing list to forum integration bug with multipart messages: more bug hunting, still couldn't reproduce. set up a test system to catch cases that would still break it.

Thursday 2008-11-20
  • Bergie
    • Yesterday: Static file cache setup with Niels
    • Today: Help Niels with cron issues and other debugging
  • Hirvinen
    • Today: fi.hut.htmlimport-latex2html maemo docs integration, mailing list to forum integration bug with multipart messages: finished the repair tool, bug reopened by Niels, couldn't reproduce.
Wednesday 2008-11-19
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: Triage some older bugs, worked on internal report
    • Today: Enhance internal report, fix some Bugzilla bugs in SVN, change/seperate some QA contacts in Website component, triage
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Did some tuning, bugfixing, tracing for Started on setting up
    • Today: Update shell scripts to be ragnaroek compatible. Work on Do some more tuning.
  • Bergie
    • Yesterday: Helped neals with post-upgrade tasks, some more performance tuning and minor layout improvements
    • Today: Helping Hirvinen with cleaning messed up Gmail HTML messages in discussion forums
  • Hirvinen
    • Today: fi.hut.htmlimport-latex2html maemo docs integration
Tuesday 2008-11-18
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Upgraded webservers to ragnaroek together with Bergie. Moved database to another server.
    • Today: Check out some small problems on maintenance node. Tune database a bit. Prepare setup for static file serving through
  • Hirvinen
    • Today: mailing list to forum integration bug with multipart messages fixed, started work on tool to fix them.
  • Bergie
    • Yesterday: Upgraded servers to Ragnaroek
    • Today: Helping Niels with some post-upgrade issues, more performance tuning
Monday 2008-11-17
  • Niels
    • Friday: Prepare for ragnaroek upgrade on monday. Worked on new database server.
    • Today: Upgrading to Ragnaroek
  • Bergie
  • Hirvinen
    • Today: fi.hut.htmlimport-latex2html maemo docs integration
Friday 2008-11-14
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on Downloads improvements, styling and testing for discussions.
    • Today: Prepare for ragnaroek upgrade on monday. See if we have not forgotten anything. Tune new database server if it gets delivered today.
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Made some suggested edits for Task:Texts for, had a good long chat with Quim, responded to latest design drafts.
    • Today: Design draft work, propose a text for Task:Texts for, push the wireframe I did (which I'm unhappy with) for the Development page to start layout discussion
  • Bergie
    • Yesterday: Solved discussion karma issues, helped Hirvinen in his tasks
    • Today: Ensuring all is in packages that we need for Monday's upgrade
  • Hirvinen
    • Today: fi.hut.htmlimport-latex2html maemo docs integration, mailing list to forum integration bug with multipart messages
Thursday 2008-11-13
  • Dave
    • Tuesday: Summarised IRC website design meeting, hopefully we've unblocked the blockage in the website design work now. Suggest useful links for Task:Texts for
    • Yesterday: Upgraded to Intrepid Ibex Tuesday afternoon. Spent yesterday morning fixing stuff. Yeuch. Responded to design proposal from Glaubert
    • Today: Plan to help work on Task:Texts for
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Worked on website bugs and Downloads improvement.
    • Today: Continue working on website bugs and Downloads improvements.
  • Bergie
    • Today: Solving discussion karma issues
  • Hirvinen
    • Today: fi.hut.htmlimport-latex2html maemo docs integration
Wednesday 2008-11-12
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: deployed mediawiki and bugzilla comments karma plugins, fixed favouriting to not force to https when logged in on http. Did some fixes to products. Fixed the https login trap. Triaged website bugs.
    • Today: Work on website bugs and Downloads.
  • Hirvinen
    • Today: Started work on fi.hut.htmlimport-latex2html maemo docs integration
Tuesday 2008-11-11
  • Andre
    • Yesterday: Cleaning up current Default QA and assignee email address scheme a bit, Forwarding/syncing reports
    • Today: Bugzilla Reorg, Rework feature jam, Move "safe" virtual bugzilla accounts to @maemo.bugs, Create some of the new assignees as preparation for Reorg, Internal report
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Prepared & ran IRC meeting on web design. Talked to Niels about Karma.
    • Today: Post minutes for IRC meeting for design discussion around Upgrade computer to Intrepid. It's a holiday in France today.
  • Hirvinen
    • Detached thumbs down from blog karma
Monday 2008-11-10
  • Niels
    • Last days: worked on maemo services documentation, investigated promotion issues, lot's of small admin tasks done.
    • Today: Clean up admin backlog because of weekend break, work on open bugs.
Friday 2008-11-07
  • Andre
Thursday 2008-11-06
  • Dave
    • Yesterday: Took a rest day after watching US election results all night.
    • Today: Follow up with Henri about Karma blog "thumbs down" patch. Nothing else for Maemo today.
  • Niels
    • Yesterday: Created irc log for the meeting and did some general maintenance tasks.
    • Today: Document server landscape for configuration guide (Sysadmins). Investigate Extras promotion problems.
Wednesday 2008-11-05