Sprints/March 10


[edit] March 2010 Sprint planning

[edit] Tasks

Ongoing tasks carried here from the previous sprint + New tasks committed by their owners in the sprint meeting. They come from the tasks in the Backlog and the Proposals.

Completed Good progress Just standing Some help needed! Really stuck/delayed
Task ID Task Sprint priority Owner Percentage complete Notes
9.09-01 Push packaging policy updates Must X-Fade, danielwilms 70% Went over this with Marius and Daniel, should be published to the wiki soon. - Niels
9.09-10 Implement SSO sync-API endpoint for garage Must danielwilms 80% implemented new server instance for midgard account-sync, cas change from ldap to MySQL, certificates in place for endpoint-sync
9.12-01 Working bugzilla 3.4, migration path notes Must Andre, Karsten 90% pending some last checks with the live server
9.12-05 BMO: custom features backport, Nokia patches Must Andre, Karsten 70%
9.12-07 BMO: CSS, style Must Andre, Karsten 50% needs some more styling, then community peer review phase
10.01-03 Document processes for infrastructure Must dneary, X-Fade 50% Niels has been busy with server moves, and hasn't had a chance to talk to me this month. Ferenc will be documenting the server set-up during the move.
10.02-04 Cleanup repository, remove old versions. Must X-Fade 100% Applications now only have one version in the repo when they are not a dependency for something else. This seems fine for now.
10.02-06 Prepare a Bugday Must Andre 100% Bugday was held on March 17th. Hopefully to become a monthly recurring task now as this was fun and quite successful.
10.02-07 Implement karma changes Must bergie 60% The rest of changes must be discussed with the new council
10.01-08 Prepare appdownloader for extras-testing Must danielwilms 0%
10.01-09 Setup a rsync server for the repos Must jeremiah 0% Back to the drawing board. Needs special VM setup for this to work, needs discussion.
10.02-12 Implement Maintainer part for Packages interface Must X-Fade 30% Implemented maintainer request and approval by maintainers, working on list packages by maintainer.
10.03-01 Prepare the GSoC'10 proposal Must VDVsx DONE
10.03-02 Testing Marathon Must VDVsx DONE
10.02-01 Co-ordinate Q1 2010 council elections Must dneary DONE Congratulations to Randall, Andrew, Ryan, Attila and Javier on their election.
10.02-02 Synchronise wiki theme in svn & live version Must dneary DONE Diffs synced in maemo2midgard/mediawiki, core mediawiki with some custom patches also imported, and bug fixes committed & synced
10.02-03 Import docs updates from Nokia documentation team into the wiki Must dneary DONE Docs imported! See Documentation/Maemo_Flasher-3.5_Tutorial, Documentation/Maemo_SDK_Virtual_Image_Tutorial, Documentation/Maemo_PC_Connectivity_Tutorial, Documentation/Maemo_For_Symbian_Developers_Guide, Documentation/Maemo_Eclipse_Tutorial and Documentation/Maemo_Documentation_Guidelines
10.02-04 Prepare repository for PR1.2 change. Must X-Fade 80% Most backend changes are in place. -devel and -testing might need some changes, pending discussion.
10.02-05 Add icons to Downloads Must X-Fade 0%
10.01-09 Maemo User Experience Framework presentation Should Randall Arnold 30% proposed methodology for enabling bug reporting, app rating and similar user activities on devices
10.02-13 Brainstorm diagram Should Randall Arnold 10% proposed methodology for Brainstorm
10.01-06 Midgard & Midgard2 data sync Could indeyets 0% Implemented already, needs to be enabled and tested
10.01-07 Wiki & Midgard2 data sync Could danielwilms 0% Component of gforge can partly be reused
10.01-08 Enable CAS for Midgard Could indeyets 0%
10.02-14 Change/improve repository management tools Could X-Fade, jeremiah 0%

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