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[edit] News

7 May 10 - Qt 4.7 Beta1 packages for Maemo available read more
27 Apr 10 - Qt Mobility 1.0.0 is out but Maemo5 packages will be available after the PR 1.2. Extras-Devel still hosts old Mobility Beta packages.
22 Mar 10 - Qt 4.6.2 has replaced Qt 4.5.3 in the SDK PR 1.2. Run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade to update it.
25 Feb 10 - How to make Qt Desktop Widgets
15 Feb 10 - Qt 4.6.2 is out. Qt Mobility (beta1) packages are in extras-devel.
20 Jan 10 - Qt Mobile Demos in extras-devel
19 Jan 10 - Qt 4.6 for Maemo 5 going Beta
15 Jan 10 - New Qt 4.5.3~git20090723-0maemo6 packages are now in Fremantle PR 1.1
22 Dec 09 - Qt example for MADDE (talk thread)
17 Dec 09 - declarative hits Maemo extras-devel repository
11 Dec 09 - Bye bye old static web pages.. all our pages are now in the Maemo Wiki. Old website is here

[edit] What is Qt?

Qt (pronounced as the English word "cute") is a cross-platform application development framework. More information is available at the Qt website.

[edit] Maemo Qt main features

  • Hildon Style, so applications look like Hildon/GTK+ applications
  • Hildon Input Method, so applications can use the virtual keyboard
  • Hildon-specific widgets

[edit] Maemo Qt in Action

  • Diablo Maemo Qt
  • Fremantle Maemo Qt

[edit] Supported Maemo devices

[edit] Installing Qt

Qt can be installed in Scratchbox for development. For applications that use Qt and are installed via the application manager, the necessary Qt packages will automatically be installed.

[edit] Available and proposed Qt Applications

If you want to port a Qt application to Maemo or if you want to check if an application you love has been already ported.. this is the place you would like to check.

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