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*I'm writing this as because the stupid "log in / create account" page does not allow you to create an account.
*I'm writing this as because the stupid "log in / create account" page does not allow you to create an account.
**It uses the garage accounts. . . . —[[User:generalantilles|GeneralAntilles]] 02:41, 7 June 2008 (UTC)

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This page is meant to brainstorm the 100 Days Action Plan for maemo.org. Please remember that it's about the maemo.org community, not the Nokia Internet Tablets.

  • Please login before making any changes. Thank you.
  • Please keep things on-topic.
  • Hardware requests are entirely out-of-scope and will be removed by community members trying to keep this page focused and on-topic.
  • Software requests which would be trivial for a third party to provide — or are already on the roadmap — are out-of-scope and will be removed by community members trying to keep this page focused and on-topic.
  • Don't put things which aren't feasible in 3 months. For long term suggestions, consider adding them at maemo.org 2010.
  • Discussion of the 100 Days agenda should be held in the discussion page.


Community-led action plan process

The result of this brainstorm, once ideas start firming up in the sections below, should be:

  • A set of mediawiki templates for creating consistency in...
  • A page for each of the sections below (e.g. Increasing transparency) containing:
    • a detailed step-by-step plan for what will be delivered within 100 days
    • a list of community members committed to providing it (say 2-6?)
    • a community member as notional leader, responsible for overall delivery of that stream
    • sign-off by qgil as community manager that he views it as constructive

Then, once the brainstorm has completed:

  1. Every 20 days, there should be:
    1. a status report wiki document coalescing all the streams' progress
    2. an IRC meeting of the stream leaders/qgil/anyone else to co-ordinate overall progress.

It would then be up to each mini-team to communicate and flesh-out their commitment within the first period, and then deliver it over the remaining period.

Pre-agreed tasks

Defining maemo

Main article: Task:Defining maemo

Crystal-clear definitions of maemo, maemo.org, OS2008 and so on.

Fast server

Main article: Task:Fast Server

Browsing and downloading from maemo.org should be simply fast. No excuses.

Increasing transparency

Main article: Increasing transparency

  • Identifying closed-source components and the reasons why, addressing the community's concerns over openness.

Internet Tablet Talk Collaboration

Main article: Task:ITt Collaboration

maemo.org and ITt services should integrate much better i.e. maemo.org Downloads syndicated in ITt and ITt users getting maemo.org karma.

Consolidation of extras

Main article: Task:Consolidation of extras

The extras repository needs to become the single reference for developers willing to reach end users at large.

Improving maemo.org

Main article: Improving maemo.org

maemo.org needs improvements in usability, content, format and style.

The site should be optimized to be read on a maemo device, preferably an internet tablet like the n800.

Content cleanup

Main article: Task:Content Cleanup

Dress up the most important content, dump what is not relevant, handle the rest via the wiki.

Roadmap for the maemo platform

Main article: Task:maemo roadmap

A maemo roadmap for developers, disclosing information about open source component and developer libraries.

Community Council

Main article: Task:Community Council

A process for electing a small "Community Council" should be created and elections held.

More pre-agreed tasks

Help planning them further and moving them to an own page.

  • Develop a recommended usage policy for garage.maemo projects, taking into account turning off GForge modules not needed (perhaps defaulting in a subset rather than all, for new projects). Further discussions on whether non-core bugs should be in central Bugzilla and garage trackers merged/closed.
  • Close misnamed (and now misused) maemo2midgard-discuss mailing list and create maemo-web alongside existing mailing lists for overall discussions about maemo.org sites.
Both points agreed.--qgil 07:45, 2 June 2008 (UTC)

Still under discussion

Please help defining, approving, discarding, postposing, etc these proposals. Their current status is Not Agreed, and they are likely to be out of the 100 Days unless they are actively pushed now.

Garage improvements

  • Implement some sort of automated single-click push-to-Downloads for Garage projects.
Interesting idea. What about the feasibility? Niels? Ferenc? In any case integrating Garage with Downloads make a lot of sense, and the question is whether this would fit in the 100 Days or later.--qgil 06:59, 2 June 2008 (UTC)
I think we need to prevent (the need for) single file download as much as possible, but rather provide a way of uploading those packages into the extras repository directly from garage. This way people can also download the applications from the Application Manager. --xfade 13:20, 2 June 2008 (UTC)
More generally speaking, maybe something like single-click (or two, or three, or a dozen, but you get the picture) project management from Garage for everything? —generalantilles 16:09, 2 June 2008 (UTC)"
What I had understood (without reading and thinking much, I reckon) was a single click thingy for developers to upload updated packages in Garage and in a single click get the packages in extras and the update reflected in the Downloads section. Now I see that the request is probably about something different and what I'm thinking of is perhaps a bit too much for the next 100 Days. Should we move this then to 2010 Agenda under a generic "Garage-extras-Downloads integration"?--qgil 20:11, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

Bug tracking future plan

  • It's unclear where to report problems about packages found in the application catalog. A single bug tracker is needed, or at least a catalog that would redirect the user to the appropriate tracker from a common start page. Or we could set up a "maemo" distribution on launchpad.net, which would let us integrate with the bug trackers of individual packages.
Nokia is open to discuss any possibility of integration of maemo.org with third parties i.e. ITt and also using any external service i.e. launchpad.net. We can commit to overall plans for the 100 Days exercise but not on execution. Having a better and common understabnding of how this steps would fall in the 2010 Agenda would definitely help to see what are the right first steps.--qgil 07:45, 2 June 2008 (UTC)

Proposal to maintain legacy

  • Put together a plan of action for moving forward with a community-maintained Hacker Edition (based on what Quim said here)
Having a specific proposal agreed by the community would definitely help.--qgil 07:50, 2 June 2008 (UTC)

Enable Account Registration

  • I'm writing this as because the stupid "log in / create account" page does not allow you to create an account.
    • It uses the garage accounts. . . . —GeneralAntilles 02:41, 7 June 2008 (UTC)