This task is completed and this page stays here for documentation purposes only. Please file bugs or propose a new, related task if you want to push this forward.
Please see the talk page for discussion.

The 100 Days Action Plan brainstorm for maemo.org has covered its first objective and now the list of proposal is closed. Now the help is needed in the committed tasks listed below. The strategic brainstorm continues at maemo.org 2010.


Community-led action plan process

Planned sprints:

Agreed tasks

Defining maemo

Main article: Task:Defining maemo

Crystal-clear definitions of maemo, maemo.org, OS2008 and so on.

qgil coordinates this task. Not included in the Sprint 1 (June) but you can start helping out now.

Fast server

Main article: Task:Fast Server

Browsing and downloading from maemo.org should be simply fast. No excuses.

Nemein will work on this task. More details to come.

Mapping openness

Main article: Task:Mapping openness

  • Identifying closed-source components and the reasons why, addressing the community's concerns over openness.

qgil coordinates this task. Not included in the Sprint 1 (June) but you can start helping out now.

Internet Tablet Talk Collaboration

Main article: Task:ITt Collaboration

maemo.org and ITt services should integrate much better i.e. maemo.org Downloads syndicated in ITt and ITt users getting maemo.org karma.

Nemein will handle this task. Henri is the contact. More to come soon.

Consolidation of extras

Main article: Task:Consolidation of Extras

The Extras repository needs to become the single reference for developers willing to reach end users at large.

Niels to coordinate this. More details to come.

Improving maemo.org

Main article: Task:Improving maemo.org

maemo.org needs improvements in usability, content, format and style.

Dave to coordinate this task. More details to come up later.

Nemein will help on this, but there needs to be a clear plan first to see who pushes what.

Content cleanup

Main article: Task:Content Cleanup

Dress up the most important content, dump what is not relevant, handle the rest via the wiki.

Roadmap for the Maemo platform

Main article: Open development/Maemo roadmap

A Maemo roadmap for developers, disclosing information about open source components and developer libraries.

qgil coordinates this task. Planned for the Sprint 5 (September) but you can start helping out now.

Community Council

Main article: Community Council

A process for electing a small "Community Council" should be created and elections held.

This task needs a coordinator.

Jaffa, lardman, or myself are probably the ones to push this. Jaffa's currently on vacation, so I'll get together with lardman tomorrow to start getting the ball rolling on this. —GeneralAntilles 01:01, 12 June 2008 (UTC)

More pre-agreed tasks

Help planning them further and moving them to an own page.

  • Task:Using garage.maemo.org - Ferenc
  • Close misnamed (and now misused) maemo2midgard-discuss mailing list and create maemo-community alongside existing mailing lists for overall discussions about maemo.org sites and community topics in general. Ferenc . DONE.